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Default Re: The colonna family...(sigh) There goes the neigborhood

Originally Posted by Barron View Post
Good info and post. No doubt you are also aware of this website: (?) by Eric Phelps?
Or here:

Thought provoking stuff.

Your'e not kidding! I just got home and saw the name "Colonna" and was jotlted back. That name is disarmingly familiar to me as many years ago I house mated with a Colonna and heard about his family, but thought he was joking or something. I was the blood donor/errand boy in his vampy little house in North Hollywood. One day a BBC film crew showed up at the door... they were doing a show about the freakiest families and individuals in the in the world. Mr. Colonna hide away, but there was enough of us there to provide an interview and a blood ceremony with... (ahem... gulp).

After one sells thier dignity, or soul, for a nickle, their are some memories one can't run far enough away from. Mr. Colonna was a good, harmless person. He looks... um... well, he had a role in a very successful horror/comedy film and let's just say that the makeup artist didn't have to do much work on him... he was a natural, walking special effect. Children would run and hide...

He had a deformity... (in-breeding?)

I have kennel papers, too, and kind of historical family dysfunction (facism, German and Spanish style) that has been the cause of much pain to this day. Leslie and I have not spent "Thanksgiving" with our families today. I can't take the verbal abuse anymore for not being perfect and sucessful. Just found out how my grandfather died (railroad builder for the Kiaser around the turn of the last century)... he whent out, in view of the city he named (Sunland - now a district of LA), put a gun to his head and went to a place where he will never have to hear aristocratic banshee screaming from his wife (she rode in processions at Whilhelm II's side as a child... he had a thing for her long, wavey, beautiful cooper colored hair... the whole scene really "went to her head," one could say... and stayed there) again.

On my mother's side... yikes! I found the wackiest kennel paper one could imagine. Thanks to a can of worms my aunt Beatr... (can't get my hands to type it) opened up, my father, on my mother's behalf, had to go to Texas and officially give a little slice of the state to the USA, "From the Court of King Ferdinan the great (blah... blah... blah...), Baron De la Rosa (my great, great, graet grandfather) in the year 17 (something... blah... blah... blah) grant this land to the People of the United States (more pompus blah)

Twenty more pages and two bloody centuries after the fact: DONE (already for Christ's sake!). It was just a patch of weeds that slipped through the cracks and was still Spian in the 1950s and I suppose.... I got to stop my rant. I love Texas... never been there, but I sense a good spirit there. Austin rocks and it's a state whose red blooded PEOPLE have a deep respect for liberty and personal freedom. It's the (deadly), arrogant, blah blah blah virus that my family was one of the many host carriiers for and I still get it from both sides.

People wonder why Leslie (former Golden Dawn) and I still bond and hang out together after so many years. We both supposed to have been "killed" for just wanting to be ourselves... for being odd-ball, misfit kids who just wanted to run away with the circus.

We spent Thanksgiving at a little North Hollywood church function for the homeless hosted by the multi-belief (or non-beliefs) Many Paths good people. If you haven't heard the Jake Simpson interview, please do. One of my very first merories as a small child was looking at a Masonic emblem of some kind that had the rising sun on it. It haunted me my entire life... but there was a double vibe... one being stern and not something you'd want to mess with... the other was life-giving and... I'd like to go further with this on another thread, later.

I'd like to thank Jake Simpson, Kerry and Bill and all Project Avalonites and all "whtie hats" who are now in service. You are REAL PEOPLE and know that those of us who just want to go about our lives as non-political civilians, but have had a peek at what is unfolding, are not a threat to national security. Some day, perhaps very soon, some of us will be giving back in civilian service, born of gartitude for your protection of THE PEOPLE'S Constitution and all our FREEDOM'S as peaceful, non-combatants and the sitisfaction of a day's work well done and/or a mission accomplished.

As the son of two WW vets (a WAVE and an Army Air Corps Lt.) and the nephew of one the designers of magnificent Blackbird (Lockheed "sunkworks" at
Burbank and western Nevada's spookyland) and a project that may remain forever classifed, I'll always support and believe in having a standing, defensive military. But no rational mind can belive in the provocation of war.

I can and will march, but trigger pulling is not my thing. At my age with my poor eye sight, I'd be a "frindly fire" hazzard! But I believe we should all be protectors and respectors of those who never want to march agian, also. On that note, I'd like to post a classic from the 60's.... Phil Ochs, you know the tune.

And dedicated to reasonable disclosure of the wonders that protect from a higher vantige point and whose mission is life creation for positive advancement of the greater universal conscieness (and those who are burdened with having to serve in perhaps a little too much silence... NSA's Presurve Destiny may need more wiggle room... and finally, my pop's CaP Squadron 5, who long ago, witnessed a strange "Battle of Los Angeles" and could only look up and say, perhaps, " ...a ...what is THAT!? Foo Fighters!?" Oh, well... ya can't win 'em all) I post words from a 70s UK band, the Neutrons:

Live your lie

Or bring the Garden down from the sky

To give it's light to the glow-worm

It's warmth to the childeren who long ago thought

The World was dead

They're just childeren

Let them live

Let them live

Relax and enjoy the "sightings." (I don't know what these are, but anomalies have become so common in the south-west that "debunking" this clip by saying that "the woman's reaction when she says 'gorgeous' doesn't fit with somebody seeing a UFO" does not hold water. People are not freaking out anymore and "gorgeous" is not an unreasonable racation.

Come on, alphabet soup folks, give up a little... it's ok, we can handle it.

I saw the Topanga Canyon and Hollywood Hills early 90s UFO friggin' TRAFFIC JAMS! It seemed like they were lining up day AND night EVERY DAY just to show off there amazing craft. It got to point were people would EXPECT to see something unexplainable and nobody got hurt (that I know of) and society didn't collapse.... "terrorists" didn't pop out of air planes to grab the caft and take it home with them.... there was no anarchry in the streets and some of us actually had FUN, dang it!

Love makes the moon go 'round,


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