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Default Re: How does one deal with the 'boredom' of existence?

Originally Posted by yellowcosmicseed View Post
Well I know its going to take longer for me and i am trying to at least make it past my abuse scenario. Its going to take lots of work. My fear is that I might end up being one of those souls that end up in the state of decay and will end up being 'recycled'.

sorry for the pessimism
HA! That is sooo funny!! You know what? When I was in the Church of Scientology one day a very "high level" person told me that I was going to become a rock. That was equivalent to having the Pope tell a Catholic that they would burn in hell forever. Boy was intimidated.

Years later I leave the CofS and join with a select Freezone group, and you want to know what I found out? I found out that some people who are now very nice and normal people once were a rock!!! Oh, the joke was on me.
Quantum physicists could probably confirm that as they find out that everything contains consciousness.

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