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Default Re: How to throw a spanner in their works

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But then we'd be criminals, and that would come back to haunt us. We must, to the best of our ability, remain lawful.

"Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's"

There is no need. It is falling by itself, and we cannot prevent it nor is there any need to help it along. There is no way to know which of us will get hit and who will not.

To be a criminal you must break some existing law laid down by the respective power.

We must all be aware of the new laws being introduced for states of emergency. These enable govenment to seize land, property, monies as well as relocation of populations and organization of work groups. They include measures to asume the operation of all modes of transport and incarceration of any persons unwilling to cooperate.

At which point does it become right and just to break laws if they are unlawful? When should we stop saying "ok"? Should we stand by while they take our houses, money, property and freedom because they have writen a law allowing them to do so?

I think not.

Clarity of the mind,

Adam selene
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