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Default How to throw a spanner in their works

I do not believe that any of us need to point out the fact that most of the global turmoil is the product of the "people who turn the cogs".
Their objective is surely to limit the population in its attempts to prepare for the coming storm.
I believe that they have commited a mistake. while the financial markets are in a state of disarray, the publics attention fixated on wall street, they are commiting other, less public acts to control the masses when the dust settles.

What I propose is this: Not one of us, and i mean no-one, should pay another penny back into the system. We should all strive to bring all monetary trade between nations to a grinding halt.
Contact your friends across the globe and encourage the same.

My logic is this; if a problem they have created becomes too big and spirals out of control, their attention must be distracted their current focus.
please disscus and run with this idea. It is time to bring the system down before it falls ontop of us.

Survival of the open mind!

Adam Selene
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