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Default Re: Message from sananda

Hey, joking aside this article I found suggests a devastating quake on or around the 20th March which is the start of the Equinox as per message on this thread!!!

Cosmic Awareness is some sort of channeled entity, something each person must evaluate for him/herself. Personally, it really resonates with me, and this broadcast in particular. It isn't just a prediction of a major quake, but it is coupled with an explanation that makes a great deal of sense to me. But, if you want to know what that explanation is, you'll have to listen to the audio yourself!

For those who want "just the facts, ma'am," the specific prediction is for a massive quake on the West Coast, centered in Northern Calif. / Southern Oregon within one to two months (which would be no later than April 13, 2010). Based on this prediction, I am updating my own prediction made earlier today (, so that I now believe the event that will "kill" the US on March 20, 2010 will be this quake and not a New Madrid quake.

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