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RaKaR 11-17-2008 09:48 PM

'Goblet of Truth'
Honorable Avaloniers,

This is only an Information.

The latest to date and also the greatest Work of Mr Eduard Albert Meier, Billy Meier, has been completed.
It is in German and is yet to be translated into English.
Mr Billy Meier has made that Book 'Kelch der Wahrheit' ('Goblet of Truth', in English) available for free Dowload on his German Website:


The following is my unauthorized(but legal), unofficial and quite literal Translation of the very Opening of that Book - for the sake of Accuracy and Comparison the German Original Text is also reproduced:
( [...] in the Translation stands for my own Notes, Additions and Comments. )

"Eine wichtige Nachricht an den Leser dieser Schrift.

In alle deutschsprachigen Geisteslehre-Texte von Billy ist ein Evolutions-CODE eingewoben.
Dieser Code ist nur dann vollständig wirksam, wenn von Anfang bis Ende des Textes jedes Wort an seinem richtigen Platz steht und fehlerfrei geschrieben ist.
Der Code löst von den Speicherbank-Bereichen Impulse aus, die den Leser treffen und in ihm evolutiv zu wirken beginnen.
Dieser Vorgang ist unbewusst und hat nichts zu tun mit einem Zwang oder mit Manipulation, sondern allein mit dem Wissen, das in den Speicherbänken für alle Zeiten festgehalten ist und das bei der Auslösung durch entsprechende Impulse sehr langsam wieder ins Bewusst sein durchzudringen beginnt.
Diese Wirkung tritt auch dann ein, wenn jemand den deutschen Text liest, der der deutschen Sprache nicht mächtig ist. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle ob der Text leise oder laut gelesen oder ob er einem vorgelesen wird.
Die deutsche Sprache stammt aus dem Alt-Lyranischen und weist die genau gleiche Anzahl Buchstaben pro Wort auf.
Beispiel: Salome = Friede; Urda = Erde.
Es ist 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier nicht möglich, den Code in einer anderen als der deutschen Sprache einzubauen, weil sich keine andere Sprache für die Code-Aufname eignet.
Zudem muss berücksichtigt werden, dass viele Worte der deutschen Sprache in andern Sprachen nicht existieren, weshalb alle fremdsprachigen Übersetzungen den Sinn des deutschen Originals nur unvollständig wiedergeben können.
Aus den obgenannten Gründen ist jeder fremdsprachigen Übersetzung einer Schrift von Billy der deutsche Originaltext beigefügt."


"An important Message to the Reader of this Writing.

An Evolution-CODE is weaved[put inside; in the inner Structure of the Texts: eingewoben] into all German-Language Texts of the Spiritual Teachings of Billy.
This Code is only then completely/exhaustively/integrally/fully/entirely/wholly/altogether/utterly effective/vigorous/efficacious/effectual, if from[the] Beginning to[the] End of the Text each Word stands [lays; is] at its correct/right/proper Place and is Error-free[correctly; without Mistakes] written.
The Code releases Impulses from the(Realm, the Range of the) Memory Bank, which[Impulses] hit/strike/touch/come on the Reader and begin - according to Evolution; in a Way that follows Evolution, in a Manner which is favorable/propitious to Evolution - to work/to be active/to be laborious/to be effective/to be industrious in him[within the Reader].
This Procedure/Event/Occurrence/Action/ is unconscious and has nothing to do with (a) Compulsion/coercion/Constraint//obligation or with Manipulation, but only [but rather, merely] with the Knowledge, which is[steadily/firmly] held in the Memory Banks for all times and which, during/by the Release/Loosening through the appropriate/corresponding/fitting/suitable/right Impulses, begins again very slowly to penetrate/enter into the Consciousness.
This Action/Effect/Working/Activity/Operation/Working-out enters/sets in/steps in/ also if someone, who does not master the German Language, reads the german Text. It thereby does not play any Role, whether the text is read quietly or loudly or whether it is read out to one[a given Person].

The German Language originates/is descended/is derived/comes of/springs/stems from Old- Lyrian and exhibits the exact same Number of Letters per Word. Example: Salome = Peace; Urda = Earth.
It is not possible for ' Billy' Eduard Albert Meier to build in the Code in another - [ other than/apart from/except] - than the German Language, because no other Language is suitable for the Code-Recording -[ the Insertion/Admission/Absorption/Recording of the Code.]
Besides it must be taken into Account/be considered[one must reckon with the fact that...] that many Words of the German Language do not exist in other Languages, wherefore[for which Reason] all Translations in other [foreign]Languages can only incompletely[partially]render/reproduce/reflect the Sense of the German Original.
Upon/From[eventually 'for'] the abovementioned Reasons is the German Original attached/added/apprended to each Translation into a [foreign] Language of a Writing/Work of Billy. "

Those interested in knowing more should feel free to download the Book.

Knowledge and Wisdom.


elsinorelore 11-19-2008 08:25 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Thanks very much for this RaKar!

J_rod7 11-19-2008 10:05 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'

Member RaKaR,

Danke für die Herstellung von "Kelch der Wahrheit" vorhanden hier.

The 'Goblet of Truth' comes forth now for all Human-Kind.

For all Interests, This Book shall soon be made available, in an Official Translation, into English.

To follow Progress, check in often with the website at:

For the progress of all Beings to go forward into the Future.



Luminari 11-23-2008 01:36 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Wow, thank you RaKaR :original:

Luminari 12-04-2008 03:49 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Is there is any german speaking enlightened individuals here on Avalon?

Could you please read this new book by Billy Meier and summarise some of the concepts here for the english speaking people of Earth.

...would be massively appreciated.

macrostheblack 12-06-2008 12:23 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Am i correct in saying that the Plejarens are here to teach us. They see our potential and wish to nurture it so that we reach their level of understanding? There level is a stepping stone to showing who we really are?


Ashatav 12-06-2008 07:04 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
That's the man who says that he was jesus?

RaKaR 12-06-2008 11:33 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Noble Comrade Luminari,
The Work 'Goblet of Truth' is currently being translated into some major Earth Languages, including English - as Member J_rod7 stated above.

Member Macrostheblack,
You might be right; all i could say with Certitude is that the Plejarans care about us, Earth Humanity.

Member Ashatav,
Billy Meier is the Farmer - who lost his left Arm in 1965 in a Car Accident, who barely studied at School(http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Biography) - who, among other major Works and Publications, wrote:

- Talmud Jmmanuel( 1974), Original Translations of a two thousand-year-old Script found in Jerusalem in 1963, which describes the Life and Work of Jmmanuel(alias Jesus Christ). Recorded at that Time by Order of Jmmanuel by one of his Disciples.
- The Psyche(1975), or Help for the Life of Man on Earth;
- Arahat Athersata(1975), Message to Earth Humanity from a high Spiritual Form; explaining Facts of human Behavior in Religions, Politics and Sciences...
- Dekalogue (1975), the 'Ten Commandments' in their original Form, including other Commandments held back from Humanity until now;
- Genesis(1976), the Teachings of the Origin of Creation as well as the Development of the Universe, heavenly Bodies, Flora, Fauna and human Life Form according to the Laws of Creation with evolutionary Guidelines for Humans resulting herefrom;
- Prophecies(1976-1981), prophetic Explanations and Predictions of coming Events on Earth;
- The Law of Love(1978), about Love as the Foundation of all Existence, the Lawfullness of Love, its Definition and its Meaning in human Life;
- Directives(1982), Guidelines and behavioral Regulations for the Processing, Attainment and Conservation of psychic, physical and conscious Purity and Health.They are drawn up within the Framework of the Laws and Commandments to follow on hygienic care of Body, Psyche, Spirit and Consciousness which are anchored in the Spiritual Teachings;
- Existing Life in the Universe(1984), Billy Meier's Contacts with the Plejarans; extraterrestrial Life; the SOL System, Comets and Meteors; universal Life...
- Introduction into Meditation(1979), Meditation and its Use and Effectiveness in human Life;
- The Book OM, Omfalon Murado(1983-1984), the most important Creational Laws and Directives, Rules of Order and Guidelines; Aim and Tasks of Humans in their material and spiritual Life, laid out and explained by Jschwjsch Ptaah and his Prophet, Billy Meier;
- Books of Names(1982), a Total of 6.360 interplanetary Names in their original Forms and Meanings; received and recorded by Mister Meier;
- Contact Reports(1975-1984), Billy Meier's Contact Reports, Spiritual Teachings, Explanations and Experiences with extraterrestrial, Plejaran Life Forms....etc

Mister Billy Eduard Albert Meier is the one who wrote in 1958(he was then only 21 Years old!) and sent to the Press, some major Organizations and to all the then European Governments an Open Letter called 'Warning to all Governments of Europe'(http://www.theyfly.com/lost/meier.prophecies.1958.htm), containing, among other major Information, i quote:
"6.) Sectarianism will bear bad fruit and will cost many lives through murder and suicide as, also through politics and power lust, in diverse countries, hundreds of thousands of people will be murdered as in the Soviet Union which will be dissolved no later than 1991, and in East Germany which will, however, only exist until the late 80's of this century, thereafter Germany will be reunified, whereby, in contrast, in Iraq a war will be led through the United States of America, through their country's president, however this will be without success, for which reason one of his sons, who will likewise be the U.S.A's head of power, will, in the third millennium, unleash a second war in Iraq which will ultimately lead to an unbelievable disaster and to torturing as well as to mass murder through U.S. armed forces and the rebellious."; "14.) Even next year on September 13th, 1959, using rocket propulsion, the Earth human, respectively the Soviet Union, will make a hard landing of an unmanned object on the moon; and on April 12th, 1961 an Earth human will climb high in the sky with a rocket to orbit around in the Earth's outer space, then on February 3rd, 1966 an aerospace object will make a soft landing on the moon, then in 1968, the outer fringes of Earth's space will be left, and later the first trip to the moon will be undertaken, whereby up until the year 1972, five (5) manned moon landings will take place through the U.S.A., while a sixth moon landing* - supposedly the first - on August 20th, 1969 will rest only on a world-wide staged deceit as a result of the political armament race with the Soviet Union.
15.) The time has just begun when the human conquers the depths of the oceans and slowly the power of the sun, in order to win diverse energies from them.
16.) And the human is on the paths, in the next decades up to the new millennium, to unlocking the secret of life, in that he will unravel the gene.
17.) Likewise in the eighties of this Twentieth Century it will happen that that the human can be bred through artificial fertilization, while already at the turn of the Third Millennium humans and animals will be able to be cloned out of single cells without any actual act of procreation.
18.) At the close of the Second Millennium humans will already busy themselves with the first far-reaching steps in the genetic manipulation of flora and fauna, then, in the Third Millennium, genetic manipulation will begin on the human.
19.) The end of the Second Millennium will, on one hand, be marked by very rapidly establishing computer technology, and on the other hand, rebellion and a great war which would be called the first gulf war, and a second gulf war would follow, coinciding with the start of the Third Millennium, released by the U.S.A. who has already deluded itself since the First World War that it is the world police and also wants to bring world control under its sword."; "23.) Because of unrestricted prostitution, in about twenty-five years an already embryonic deadly epidemic will develop worldwide that will be named AIDS and will finally cost several hundred million human lives.
24.) Also child prostitution is catching on increasingly in monstrous measure, as is the sexual murder of women and children.
25.) Trade in humans with children and women regarding prostitution and for the purpose of human organ trade has now already become mundane, yet this evil will still increase until the turn of the millennium and into the Third Millennium, as organ transplantation from human to human will soon, already in a few years, become an everyday occurrence for the Earth people."; "40.) And it will be that even before the time of the Third Millennium, and indeed in 1993, a political and commercial European dictator will arise that will be called the "European Union" and, in evil, will carry the number 666, as through this the citizens of all member countries will finally be brought under total control through biometric data in identification devices and in the form of small data chips in the head or body inserted in a "biometric identification system" that would be overseen and controlled through a "central data bank" whereby finally the whereabouts of every human can be exactly determined to the meter. First the USA and later the European Union will introduce this modern human enslavement, thereafter, then other countries will also follow, all preceding the Swiss, whereby, through this process, the personal and national citizens' human rights will be drastically trimmed, which fundamentally will be originally already planned at the construction of the European Union, whereby the citizen is finally deemed fully incapable of managing his own affairs, and should be governed only by the authorities, without having a right to a say regarding certain government things and decisions. "; "43.) Many young people will flock to extreme radical skinhead and neo-Nazi fronts and wave their flags, and form corresponding organizations, that cause much damage and harm, indiscriminately attack innocent people on the streets and not seldom beat them until they are cripples.
44.) In the coming time many blood banks will be contaminated by viruses and will make the people sick and will deliver death if the blood is transfunded [transfundiert] (correct = transfused [transfusioniert]; according to data from the Plejaren linguists for the German and Latin languages).
45.) Towards the end of the Twentieth Century new planets will continuously be discovered at distant solar systems that however can bear no human life.
46.) New solar satellites will also be discovered in our solar system that move far outside the orbit of Pluto, yet that will first be after the turn of the millennium.
47.) Already in twenty years the time will come that newly serious plagues, deadly for the human, come about, especially in Africa as also however in other countries, and in part there would be no cure for them."; "52.) In thirty years the business prosperity which will be restrained until then will collapse and induce immeasurably high joblessness in all industrial countries whereby not only many millions of people will be without work and be benefiting from hand-outs, rather also families will be destroyed, criminality will spread out and murders will be committed.
53.) An unimagined impending asylum seeker problem will break over the industrialized countries before the turn of the millennium and evoke asylum seeker tourism through which a great many asocial elements emigrate who release a crime wave, whereby the worldly possessions of many people will no longer be safe, nor will life and limb."; "80.) The time is coming when nobody who speaks for law and order will be heard anymore, as it has already been for a long period of time that none are heard who speak against the religious and sectarian beliefs and painstakingly spread the truthful truth in regard to life, Creation and its laws and directives, which especially will be again, approaching this time, when, in the Third Millennium, a German religious fanatic Pope will assume the pontificate, who believes, through his fanatical belief in god, that he can save the world from its disintegration and downfall.
81.) Around the world, the devastating machinations of the religions and sects will spread out again, and innumerable false messiahs and false prophets will infatuate the unstable and blind-to-the-truth masses of humanity, and newly lead them into madness, and many of these believers will carry weapons and build bombs, and in their fanaticism thereby spread murder by many thousand-fold as well as great destruction.
82.) The murdering and destroying fanatics of religions and sects will, in their death-bringing fiery beliefs, speak of justice in the name of god, and thereby spread misery, need, death and corruption.
83.) And it will be that the fanatical Islamist's bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crucifixions by the Christians, will come into being when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.
84.) Threatening thunder will crack over the Earth and deaths in their thousands will rage when the criminal national powers of the U.S.A. release war into the wide world and when Israel's national forces spread just the same terror, murder, death and corruption as the Palestinians themselves, from whom uncountable suicide bombers will go; all over the world all variety of military and rebellious forms of murderers will recruit, out of all levels of the population, and drill the recruits into being murder machines devoid of feelings and conscience, to whom also every kind of torture is a shining joy."...

This Document is out there for everyone to see, study and check; there is no doubt about that and even those powerful People and Groups, disturbed by this Information and other Disclosures, who have been since then trying to discredit and/or silence him - there are more than 20 documented, in front all Witnesses, Assassination Attempts on him! - do not twist that Fact, for they know it is plain solid. They prefer to cast Doubt on the Reality of his 'fantastic' Experiences(Trips to other Planets, Dimensions, in different Timeliness; the Extraterrestrials and their Ships and the Thousands of Photos and Videos he has taken of them: http://www.theyfly.com/ , just roll down the Page), for it is easier to do so.

Since 1951, this Gentleman has been providing an incredibly huge Amount of scientific Materials and Data regarding Genesis, History ,atmosperic Conditions, molecular and sub atomic Constitutions not only of Earth and Earthly Beings, but also of and from other Planets of our solar System and beyond. NASA consults actually his Data and compares them with their own Findings - when their own Technologies, Knowledge and Equipments allow them to do so and that, Years, Decades after Herr Meier has made that Information public - and up to now, honorable Member Ashatav, he has always been right.
Even now, you could do one interesting Experiment: read the Contact Notes of Mister Billy Meier, regarding Mars, Venus, Jupiter or any other Planet in our system, which NASA and other Countries were able to reach. Follow the News and other scientific Publications in that Area and just compare.
(Latest: Ruins, Water and Snow on Mars recently discovered by NASA; Snow being discovered only a Couple of Weeks ago! Well, Herr Meier wrote about that long Time ago; exactly in 1975(September 14th and 16th); 1976 then again in 1986 and 1995: Contact Reports: 34, 35, 60, 212 and 251. And many others, actually)

Contact Report 251; 1995:
“Many years will pass before terrestrial human beings find the proof that their former Ur-Ur-Ur-ancestors came to the SOL system from alien solar and planetary systems to settle on Mars before emigrating to Earth. When they do, the first proof may also be found that mankind's earliest ancestors -- the genetically-manipulated people, or rather their descendants -- were refugees and exiles who originated in the Sirius regions. This proof will shake up the scientific community and, even more so, the religious world; it will prompt the need for great changes. That moment will come chiefly when artifacts from a previous human civilization are found on Mars, with pyramids and sculptures such as the so-called Mars faces representing but a mere fraction of the entire discovery”.

Contact Report 212, dated 6th of November 1986:
"Billy: Jetzt moechte ich dich aber nochmals auf den Mars ansprechen, denn bei unserem letzten diesbezueglichen Gespraech habe ich eine Frage vergessen, die ich noch vorbringen wollte. Ptaah erklaerte mir auf der Grossen Reise, dass es auch auf dem Mars laufende Klimawechsel gebe. So habe ich es jedenfalls in Erinnerung. Ist das richtig so?
Billy: Now, however, I would like again to address Mars with you, because at our last discussion concerning this matter I had forgotten a question, which I would still like to bring forward.
Ptaah explained to me on “the great journey” that there is ongoing change in climate also on Mars. So I have it, anyhow, in memory. Is it correct like that?

47. Ja, das ist von Richtigkeit.
47. Yes, that is correct.
48. Auf dem Mars gibt es laufende Klimawechsel und somit also auch planetare klimatische Veraenderungen, durch die z.B Schnee fält, der allerdings anders geartet ist als auf der Erde, denn er besteht teilweise aus Kohlendioxid.
48. On Mars there is ongoing change in climate and therefore also planetary climatic changes, by which for instance snow falls, which however, is differently constituted than on earth, because it consists partly of carbon dioxide.

Billy: Ja genau, das sagte Praah auch.
Billy: Yes exactly, that’s what Ptaah said too."

Contact Report 60; 1976:
" Billy: Mars contains no human forms of life. American scientists will be surprised when their probes to Mars reveal the presence of much more water than was previously assumed. But there will also be surprises in the character of the ground and the nature of microorganisms there. Flora and fauna can absolutely be found on Mars when the scientific instruments of the probes become advanced enough to evaluate and store the concerned results. It is possible that an analysis of this could prove that there flora and fauna is life on Mars even though the planet destroys other forms of life by its harsh environment. "

And now look here and do pay Attention to the dates of those discoveries by our Scientists:

- Images of the Mars caves from Northern Arizona University:
SCIENTISTS have spotted what look like caves on Mars, and say they could be sheltering life from the planet's harsh environment.

- Woman-like Monument found on Mars:

- Snow spotted falling on Mars:

- Water on Mars:

My Friend, you would find a Testimony of a Representative of Cambodia by the UN, a lady called Phobol Chen, regarding Herr Meier here:
(third Video)

Wendelle C. Stevens
Lt. Col., USAF (Ret)
"Eduard Meier was given this information in 1976, and I have had copies of these contact notes in my possession since 1977."
Member Ashatav, there is a very accessible, very schematic Report of the main Aspects of the Experiences - and most importanly, the vital Information this noble old Man, Billy, wants to hand over - of Herr Meier written by this retired Officer of the US Air Forces, here:

I would also recommend you, provided your Interest is genuine and objective, 'The Essence of the Notes': http://www.geocities.com/maurice_osborn/Reports.htm

Best Regards - or, as we say, 'Salome gam nan ben Urda, gan njber asala hesporona', meaning: 'Peace and Wisdom be on Earth and among all Beings'.
(Mister Billy Meier in 'Philosophy of Life', Page 6)


Suriel 12-07-2008 05:20 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Thanks for the link Rakar. I am very familiar with Billy Meier and his work. I think out of all the material I have encountered on the internet. I find this material the most interesting. Probably because I have a connection with the Plejarans or Pleadians.


J_rod7 12-07-2008 11:48 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'

WOW. I am STUNNED. WOW is all that comes to my Mind.

Member RaKaR, You have provided here the most Comprehensive listing of Material FROM, BY, and ABOUT Billy Meier and the Plejarens I have seen anywhere.

Thank You for making all this available here on the Avalon Forum. I think there will be many others here, who may also appreciate this. The Information, with Links, provided in Your Post #121, truly represents a lot of Diligent Effort on Your part.

Anyone could get an excellent Education here on the Spiritual Messages, The Evolution of Humanity, Our Place in the Universe, and the Truth of Creation. Well Done, Sir.

For easy Reference, these Links are provided..:






RaKaR 12-11-2008 03:03 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Appendix to my Post 122:


(Translated from German by Dyson and Vivienne and made available on Thursday, December 11, 2008 - 01:24 am.
Original german Text to be found here:http://www.projectavalon.net/forum/member.php?u=1192)

Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 5
228th Contact
Monday, May 1st, 1989, 6:05PM
Pages 472-478

[Billy and Quetzal, continued their Conversation]

.. .our astronomical scientists continue to stubbornly assert that our
universe is only just 8 -15,000,000,000 years old.
They have no idea that the visible universe is only one of seven belts
of the universe.
They have no idea at all about the belt of our material universe, in
which we exist materially, while on the inner side and the outer side
of our visible, material-universe belt yet six further fine-matter
belts exist.
Our scientists also have no idea that the entire universe constitutes
a double spiral and egg shaped Creation, and so on.
The entire universe, with an age of around 46,000,000,000,000 years,
reckoned from the Big Bang up to today, will indeed expand up to the
point in time of 155,500,000,000,000 years, to then, through a
contraction, collapse upon itself again.
During its expansion, the material belt, respectively, our visible
universe, is - through a nearly endless process of transformation -
constantly renewed and therefore always stays young.
The oldest material that you have found is close to 40,000,000,000
years old, while we here on the Earth still have obtained no such
material, and for that reason our scientists also dwell in erroneous
Now, after my long speech, my question is: when - after the coming
into existence of the material belt, respectively, our visible
material universe - did the first stars actually form?
In my opinion, this process must have gone very fast.
78. That is unknown to us, and besides, your question can also not be
answered in this manner.
79. You must start from the point at which the last great process of
transformation-and-renewal of the material universe - therefore of our
visible material universe - took place nearly 17,000,000,000 years
80. Thereby, in the inner part of the outer regions of the material
universe belt - not in the outermost part of the actual transformation
areas - at a distance of around 14,000,000,000 light years from the
solar system, new stars formed again which, after around 187,000,000
years of the latest great transformation process, began to radiate and
81. And, in the next decades, these stars will also be discovered by
the terrestrial astronomical scientists.
82. Only, unfortunately, they will again draw false conclusions from
that, as they have already done so often.
And how, then, do these stars in the transformation belt come into
being, if I may ask?
83. That does not fall under our secrecy provisions.
84. The new material which comes into being through the renewal,
respectively, through the transformation, condenses under the enormous
universal gravity and in this way it forms - by way of a compression
of the mass - a stellar body which becomes more dense and develops a
tremendously hot life of its own.
Easily said, but surely a process which takes many millions of years.
But, with that, I am already at my next question: is it possible to
make a determination about the material mass in our visible material
universe if one completely excludes the other six belts?
85. It would be unscientific and arrogant to want to do this, because
the entire expanse of our universe is so big and involved in a
continuous transformation, that a precise calculation is impossible.
86. Besides, our universe - as naturally also every other - consists
not only of coarse-matter material, rather also of pure energies, of
which one is black energy, as we call it, and is responsible for a
certain form of anti-gravity in the material universe and, according
to estimates, constitutes three fifths of all universal energies.
87. Matter must also be visible in various forms, so dark matter, on
one hand, directs the visible and tangible matter which, very meagre,
is calculated at circa point five fifths of the galaxies, while, on
the other hand, the dark matter yet amounts to one point five fifths.
88. However, as stated, these data are only based on assumptions and
calculations based on estimations, which, as a result of the visible,
material universe's continuous transformation, are not constant,
rather they are extremely changeable.
89. To want to name precise results would therefore be nonsensical and
arrogant and laughable as well, because precise computations cannot be
made because of the universe's continuous change.
One could indeed say with justification that our universe's material
belt is essentially governed by black energy - or?
90. That is of correctness.
We do know that the entire universe will not expand forever, it will
expand only until 155,500,000,000,000 years from now and then succumb
to the contraction.
With the expansion process of the entire universe, the visible
material universe also always gets bigger, if I regard the whole thing
And because that has to be like that, differing temperatures would
probably also have to rule in our universe, because, I assume, warm
and cold must come into being through the constant movement of change.
Am I on the right track with my assumption?
91. That is of correctness.
92. The temperature fluctuations are, however, universe-wide, and very
minimal, yet they emerge primarily in those parts of our material
universe, in which the uninterrupted change occurs by means of the
outer immaterial belt.
93. It thereby concerns itself with the transition-less open
transformation zone, as we call it.
This zone of change engenders a soughing sound, as Ptaah taught me on
the great trip.
I was also permitted to hear it over the technical device in the Great
It was simply gigantic.
Ptaah explained to me that the Earthlings name this phenomenon cosmic
background radiation and assume that that is the zone where the Big
Bang took place and that the end of the universe is also there.
94. Which does not correspond to accuracy, as you know.
Naturally, because indeed the essential entire universe first begins
there, with its six other immeasurable belts.
Ptaah also said that the temperature differences are actually only
very slight and therefore only tiny variations underlie them which
emerge as a result of fluctuations, which would be evoked in all
regions of our universe through differences in density.
95. You are a human with a very noteworthy memory.
96. Your exposition corresponds to accuracy.
Ptaah and you as well as Semjase have said that our Milky Way has
about 570,000,000,000 suns with planets, but that, in addition to
that, there are only about 7,000,000 smaller and bigger solar systems
with planets on which higher forms of life exist.
Are planetary satellites, respectively, moons also included therein?
97. Yes, because in certain solar systems with enormous central suns
there are planetary giants with tremendous gravity which are too big
to be able to bear higher forms of life, while their moons, however,
are very much in a position to do that.
98. In your understanding, we do not, however, call these objects
which bear life moons, rather planet-planets.
Quite so, because they are actually planets of a mother-planet - or?
99. That is of correctness.
And the 7,000,000 solar systems in our galaxy with planets, on which
higher forms of life exist: does that collectively deal only with
human civilizations?
100. No
101. The universe with all its galaxies is very thinly settled with
human forms of life, whereby that also includes dimensions shifted in
time and space, respectively, all existing space-time configurations.
102. Many planets and moons carry only very lowly microscopic organic
life, or only forms of life like mammals, birds, fish, beetles and
insects, and so forth, which have nothing to do with higher forms of
Then I have misunderstood some things, because I was of the view that
you have always spoken in such a way that indicated that the forms of
life were only humans.
103. Then you have succumbed to an error, if you have assumed that the
approximately 7,000,000 solar systems with their planets only
correlate to human civilizations.
104. Perhaps you have really ...
.. .understood something wrongly.
105. That is what I wanted to say.
106. Known to us, in this galaxy, are only 2,630,000 highly developed
human civilizations, which actually belong together, whereby, from
other galaxies known to us, a further 1,141,000,000 can be factored
107. We know of 1,040,000 civilizations which are developed to an
essentially low level in this galaxy which you call the Milky Way.
108. Our scientists estimate that in the entire universe about
6,000,000,000,000 to 7,000,000,000,000 essentially human
civilizations, of higher and lower form, would have to exist in your
material space-time configuration.
What do you understand by "human civilization which essentially belong
109. That phrase is to be understood as meaning unity of collective
progress, which is created through science and technology and thereby
also includes developed and improved medical, social and material
living conditions, and so forth.
There are very clever people on the Earth who assert that the solar
system consists of twelve planets, whereby the Sun and the Earth's
Moon are also counted as planets.
And since until now only the nine planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth,
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are known - therefore
nine - yet another planet is made up and added with the name of
Niburu, and further labels such as Anus, Planet-X, Marduk, Phaeton,
Olam, Vulkan and Persephone, and so forth.
So, together with the Sun and the Earth's Moon, and Niburu, the stupid
thesis of twelve planets in the solar system is supposedly proven.
The Anunnaki people supposedly lived on Niburu and they supposedly
gave all kinds of help to the Earth humans.
As a young wandering planet, the planet Niburu - as it is asserted
today - was supposedly captured by our solar system around
4,000,000,000 years ago, and - always according to this assertion - it
then developed.
Niburu is meant to have thereby penetrated into the inner solar system
and effected, respectively, evoked, certain alterations of the inner
planets and moons before it disappeared again to then become aligned
into an orbital period of 3,600 years.
And - in opposition to that which corresponds to the truth, that the
Earth fundamentally formed from material from space, from gas,
planetoids, and so forth, and that the Earth's Moon, as a satellite
from your space-time configuration, was captured by the Earth - it is
asserted that the Earth had been a part of the planet Tiamat and our
Moon was once the largest moon of Tiamat.
Niburu's last pass through the solar system supposedly occurred about
160 years before Jmmanuel's birth.

[My own Note: Jmmanuel stands for Jesus Christ.]

What is to be made of all that?
110. These stories are known to me, because I have studied diverse
ancient terrestrial texts, also including many cuneiform tablets,
among others.
111. That is why I know that the humans in Akkadia, Babylon and in
Sumer already knew the planets of the solar system, and so forth.
112. However, that which emerges from old texts regarding the Annunaki
and the planet Niburu is based on mythological facts as well as
beliefs, misguidance and erroneous assumptions.
113. The Annunaki beings were a pure imagination of the Earth humans,
who, full of fantasy and according to their beliefs, fabricated the
"Annunaki people from the planet Niburu", as the giant shape in the
sky appeared, which truly did not deal with an actual planet, rather
it concerned an uncommonly big comet, which actually does have an
orbital period around the solar system of around 3,600 years.
114. That therefore only entered as myth into the imagination of the
ancient Earth humans. Indeed, it truly never existed, because the
comet is not in a position to bear human life.
115. It must be said in addition to that, that the designation Phaeton
is completely wrongly used, because Phaeton was the planet which was
destroyed by its inhabitants, namely Malona, which shattered into
thousands of pieces and today forms the asteroid belt.
116. Regarding the planet Malona, respectively, Phaeton, it is also
wrongly asserted that that was the planet from which the Earth and its
Moon arose.
117. Tiamat, namely, is a designation born of an old Earth language,
for the planet Phaeton, respectively Malona, which was destroyed
through human irrationality.
118. Now the only thing still to say is that a big planet, with great
speed, on the other side of the Sun, orbits the star and can therefore
never be seen from the Earth.
119. It deals thereby with an uninhabited planet which we have given
the name "Kathein", which, however, will drift out of the solar system
in the time to come.
120. But that does not concern the aforementioned comet.
121. And apart from that there are yet two different belts on the
other side of the orbit of Pluto, in which comets and wandering
planets move, a great number of which penetrate into the inner solar
system at regular, periodic - albeit sporadic - intervals.
122. Thereby diverse ones of these can also sporadically endanger the
solar planets, which, again and again, at greater intervals in time,
also leads to comets actually impacting with planets.
Can you please explain somewhat more about that?
123. The first belt - a zone - is located up to more than 150,000
astronomical units from the Sun.
124. An astronomical unit thereby corresponds to the mean distance
from the Sun to the Earth, thus 149,597,870 kilometres.
125. At an earlier time, when the Giza Pyramids were built, this
distance however still amounted to 152,500,000 kilometres, a number
which is also of enormous significance in regard to the calculation of
the entire universe's 280 elements.
126. 150,000 astronomical units corresponds to around 4,000 times the
distance from the Sun to the planet Pluto, which is essentially the
last of the planets in the solar system known to the humans.
127. All other objects outside the orbit of Pluto already belong to
the zone of the first belt.
128. It ...
Excuse me, but then what is it with the tenth planet, that is
supposedly zooming around out there?
You have always spoken of such a tenth, and further planets.
129. In addition to the smaller planets far outside the orbit of
Pluto, it deals thereby with the Earth-sized planet "Kathein", which,
with very great speed and at a great distance, follows its orbit
around the Sun, however, in the coming years drifting away more and
more, and disappearing into space.
130. Its period of orbit around the Sun is so big that, seen from the
Earth, it remains constantly hidden behind the Sun.
131. But listen further:
132. Located in the aforementioned first zone of the first belt far
outside the orbit of Pluto, are, according to estimations,
1,300,000,000,000 smallest, small, medium-sized, large and largest
objects, of which - again according to estimations - some
130,000,000,000 cometary nuclei must be taken into consideration.
133. But furthermore there is yet a second zone, respectively, a
second belt, still very much further outside of the first belt, which
- like the first - draws itself in a ring shape around the solar
134. Innumerable objects of all sizes are also in this belt, and so it
speaks for itself that there are also very numerous cometary nuclei.
135. As in the first, there are also very large objects in the second,
which are as large as the Earth or even bigger.
136. As a consequence of the great distance from the Sun and the
absence of light from the objects in dark space, even with good
telescopes they can hardly be seen from the Earth, or cannot be seen
at all.
137. With the two belts, which can also be designated as rings, this
deals with the remnants of that gigantic primordial cloud of gas,
particles and objects, and so forth, from which the solar system, with
all its planets, ultimately formed more than 5,500,000,000 years ago.
138. But the cloud's primordial matter did not form at the
aforementioned time, rather it already formed more than 46,000,000,000
years ago, and then, in the course of time, condensed into its final
form, and supplied the substance for the solar system more than
5,500,000,000 years ago.
139. Here and there objects drift away from the two aforementioned
belts, as do cometary nuclei, which penetrate into the inner solar
140. In other words:
141. If a fixed star occasionally reaches a certain astronomical
proximity, then its effect is that single cometary nuclei, from the
many billion smallest, small, middle-sized, large and largest objects,
loosen out of the bands of the two zones and occupy a course in the
inner solar system.
142. Many of the comets - such as the one we have spoken of as Niburu
- move back again to their outermost regions of origin outside the
inner solar system after their approach to the Sun and its planets -
also the Earth - or they take an inner system course, so they
therefore stay in the direct solar system as the system's own comets
and they constantly, recurrently, follow their courses.
143. Many, which return to the outermost two belts' zones, remain
there for a very long time before they come back.
144. So the duration of the stay in the belts can be centuries,
millennia, many millennia or even hundreds of millions of years before
they return on their course again in the inner solar system if they
were, or are, forced into a recurrent course by the Sun and its
145. Others, on the other hand, become torn from their course by
planets, by their moons or by the Sun, and, bursting asunder, impact
with them.
Thank you for your explanations.



Ashatav 12-12-2008 01:39 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
The pleyadians are the "aliens" who think the same as the New World Order that the earth must have max. 500 millions habitants like George Green says?

That's a lot of killing

RaKaR 12-12-2008 03:16 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Honorable member Ashatav,

I am afraid you are wrong on this one.
It is all about a responsible management by ourselves of Earth population through VOLUNTARY AND WORLD-WIDE BIRTH CONTROL and this, with regard to Earth itself, its resources - which are certainly not endless and need time to renew themselves - the environment, the flora and fauna.
Please, see:

http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Bil...act_Report_215 ; 'What The Plejarens Wish for Earth Humanity', among other Works of Mister Meier.

kind regards,


Ashatav 12-12-2008 11:14 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'

Originally Posted by RaKaR (Post 94032)
Honorable member Ashatav,

I am afraid you are wrong on this one.
It is all about a responsible management by ourselves of Earth population through VOLUNTARY AND WORLD-WIDE BIRTH CONTROL and this, with regard to Earth itself, its resources - which are certainly not endless and need time to renew themselves - the environment, the flora and fauna.
Please, see:

http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Bil...act_Report_215 ; 'What The Plejarens Wish for Earth Humanity', among other Works of Mister Meier.

kind regards,


You can hear it (the depopulation thing, whatever reason they gives is depopulation, heavy killing) from the horses mouth in the camlot interview and the interview on consiousness media network.

May be a good idea see this thread.


RaKaR 12-13-2008 12:09 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Hi Ashatav,

Thanks for your follow-up.
I visited the links you provided.
I listend to the interview of mister Michael Horn(very educative, indeed), but it heard there, from his mouth, nothing that could suppose 'some killing'.

Your thread is also interesting in the way it addresses global issues.
However it looks pretty much like a compilation of different views from different sources - and none from mister Billy Meier!

With regard to your previous post, i would like to remind you that mister George Green holds mister Billy Meier and his testimony in the highest esteem.
See George Green's interview at Project Camelot, 'Messages for the Ground Crew':

All the best to you too!


Ashatav 12-13-2008 12:29 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Yeah, you must understand that I very against of mass killings hahaha so I am very concerned about any religion, or organization who want to do the same of the Georgea Guidestones's nazi constructors whatever they excuses are to do it.


RaKaR 12-13-2008 10:39 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
I am proud to salute you today, honorable Ashatav!

I understand and share your concern about all those 'global' plans and agendas hanging out there.
I also appreciate your care for the well-being of mankind.

I think that it would be fair and useful to judge each and everyone - be it individuals or organizations - upon their own stances, views and general philosophy.
The general philosophy of mister Meier can be freely accessed and discussed at a couple of related english websites, as our member J_rod7 rightly pointed out above:




As for the specific stances and views of mister Billy Meier on the specific question of the equation population-environment-health, i would like to refer you to the following:
http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Bil...act_Report_215 ; 'What The Plejarens Wish for Earth Humanity', among other Works of Mister Meier.

I would add, please do take your time, read, study objectively and critically those documents, make up your own mind - and leave the 'hear-sayings' for what they are.

A major article(by mister Frehner) over social issues, where the direct correlation between population(the way we go about it now) and environmental issues is thoroughly and scientifically studied, is currently being translated into english.
I shall submit that document to your impassionate and caring mind as soon as the translation is completed.
It goes without saying that your personal feed-backs would be highly appreciated!

For the time being and in order to prepare ourselves to the upcoming challenging discussion(and to avoid me having an unfair advantage on you:-)) i would like to invite you to read my contribution, back in september, to the topic of overpopulation and responsibility - section 'Economy and Currency', thread 'capitalism, Sustainability and Possibility of Global Collapse' by member Historycircus:

Briefly - contains further elaboration and minor corrections:
"[...]The number of Human Beings currently on Earth could be seen as a state of overpopulation in the specific context of the current mode of production - or should i rather say, 'exploitation' of this Planet and its resources - that is, this wild, aggressive Capitalism driven by greed alone.
Were the goods, other life sustaining commodities, the product we ourselves produce or gain directly from Earth, responsibly and honestly managed; if our aims in this existence were spiritually more elevated(instead of the sole accumulation of money and other material items), there would be no question of overpopulation the way it is now, in my mind; for Mother-Earth is able to and is willing to take care of her Children - and does still do so.
But in the current structure, our number puts lots of stress of Earth and its resources, for everyone wants still more and more and, as we all know, there are no limits to the 'accumulation fever' and greed has by definition no boundaries.
Besides, Humans are not the only inhabitants of this Planet.
There are other Life Forms having the same rights to be and to develop; Life Forms which are as dear to Earth as we, Humans, are: Flora, Fauna.
We are building factories and other human production facilities on lands, which should normally be reserved to agriculture; destroying forests, polluting water and air...
[NOTE: the Inspiration from mister Meier is here very evident.]
Flora and Fauna are being persecuted by us.
I read recently in a scientific paper(i do alas not recall the name) and i saw more recently on 'Discovery Channel-Science', that honey bees are disappearing in horrifying huge numbers and sorts(and we all know the great role they play for the balance of our eco-system); the ice is dramatically melting(due in part to human irresponsible activities, like the tests of atomic and nuclear bombs underground and in the atmosphere!!!)...
A couple of months ago, two ice-bears swam the whole way to the west coast(fjords) of Iceland, hungry and in despair, for there is no more ice they could live on.
They got shot down with machine-guns!

So, friends, we bear a lot of guilt here.
Let's try to make amend for some of it."

Back to you, partner Ashatav!



macrostheblack 12-21-2008 01:02 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
The human is a mirror of the...

We are made to do this or do that and this meets a feeling of harmony gone wrong. We are not allowed to be our true selfs - which we all realise here. So thus, we are contained in this hell we call our struggle to live by 3D experience. The reason it hurts is because we are more than 3D reality. We are more than 5 senses ( that we have been led to rely upon ) These 5 senses close doors when we evolve closer to the true spirit.

Who controls us? Many say goverments. Wrong! Certain groups not of here effect us so that we remain in a stunted state. The same groups mix with our powers to maintain control. These guys are powerful by our current standards. So why do you think they hold us back?

We, if allowed to grow in harmony will become more than them. We shall harness the universe and care for it with a dedication to the creator and its law. If we where allowed to do this then we would make these powers redundent. They would then learn from us.

These guys who keep us trapped aim to take from us this spark so they can remain in control.

they have so far failed simply because we are unique or rather the creators weapon to reduce those who get drunk with power.

They know that we are pre ordained to replace those who turned against the creators laws. But in their power and knowledge they seek a way out.

Their wish cannot happen.

Poor them.

Wait and see the human accelerate quickly soon.


RaKaR 02-09-2009 11:57 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Greetings to all in peace and wisdom.

The following update could shed some light on past and current global natural events - and eventually help draw a picture of the logical and necessary patterns of the weather and the wider ecology in the coming times.
Unless we acknowledge, change and act; that is.


NOTE: As the long foretold events begin to fulfill themselves, mainly because of human ignorance, arrogance and greed, the essential reason and meaning behind the nearly 70 years of ongoing contacts between Meier and the Plejaren becomes ever more painfully clear. It has simply been to try to assist humans to avoid their self-destruction and to assure their - our - future survival.

Unfortunately, not only the skeptics and reputation wary scientists have shunned Meier's information but most of the so-called "UFO community" who have preferred to indulge their fantasies and egos chasing lights in the sky and pontificating about the imminent encounters with extraterrestrials, despite the fact that such events lie decades, if not centuries in the future - providing that we can avoid our self-destruction.

Here below, you will find the latest information on the earthquake in China that, some experts now say, may have been caused by...the very situation Meier warned about decades ago.
And yes, we have the copyrighted, dated, published books to corroborate his publication."
By Mr. Horn.


Knowledge and wisdom.



RaKaR 02-18-2009 07:39 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
Dear friends,

Greetings in peace.

The following is a faithful, unofficial and unauthorized ( but legal! ) translation of a conversation between Mr. Billy Meier and Ptaah, the former Jschwjsch(JHWH) of Earth - who still strongly cares of us and of our planet.
The conversation is related to 'Goblet of Truth', which English translation should be soon completed. We shall keep you informed.

The translation is not perfect and may contain some mistakes(specially grammatical, for English is not the first language of Mister J. Barreto, the author) and has been posted by member J_rod7 at our tread 'Mankind & Earth: the Necessary Ingredients for a Responsible Love Story': http://www.projectavalon.net/forum/s...ad.php?t=10949

Here it is, as posted there - we thought, you all need to know this.

May wisdom and reason further guide us!




This "breaking news" is from a discussion between Billy and Ptaah in August, 2008.
The Population Time-Bomb is NOW EXPLODING. The time is passing us by in which effective action can have any impact. I don't wanna be a 'told-ya-so,' but Billy has already told-ya-so.

*** *** *** *** ***

Billy:... But can you now tell me something of which you had already mentioned early, namely concerning the bank crash in the USA. Is the roughest now past?

Ptaah: No, because the whole thing expands itself even more and, firstly, in the middle of September, leads to the big bank collapse, respectively, to the financial crisis in the USA, with what this Crash then spreads itself worldwide to the financial world and on major parts to big insurances, from which specially Europe will be involved in great mass.

Billy: Yes, then something can be expected. Here, however, I have another question concerning the petroleum extraction: How long time can one still calculate until the petroleum extraction with respect to the worldwide reserves is exceeded?

Ptaah: It has already been exceeded for quite a long time, which, however, is concealed by the petroleum producing states and by groups of companies.

Billy: Is this also the case with Saudi Arabia?

Ptaah: Yes.

Billy: Yes, the petroleum producers pump water under the petroleum deposits in order to drive the petroleum up to the surface. In the course of time there it can happen that the water rises up to the top of the petroleum reservoir and then, at the end, only this water is extracted.

This would mean the end of the petroleum production. The whole thing would evoke a worldwide catastrophe, because the whole economy would collapse.

The petroleum would get still more expensive and just as prohibitively expensive for the private consumers and for the whole transport sector which is dependent on petrol and diesel oil as well as kerosene.

Through this the transport of food from foreign countries would be stopped the same way as also the transport of other economic goods of every type.

Also the mass tourism would collapse, and the people would go again in vacations in the own countries, if they are then still financially able at all to do it.

The cars, tractors, machines tools, ships, aircraft and motorcycles would become valueless scrap metal and the people would have to go again on foot or on bicycle and on horse carts etc..

Also many products, like every kind of artifacts and articles made of plastic would disappear or get prohibitively expensive. And food itself would be cultivated again in the countries which, however, would not bring much because of the overpopulation and consequently famine would arise everywhere.

In fact a deglobalization will occur in such a case - and which in reality threatens - as well as also an enormous unemployment which in the industrialized states alone could include up to 30 percent, while the criminality and the anarchism would assume uncontrollable proportions.

To cultivate food again for themselves in the own countries, for such a mass of overpopulation as it is given, this is as good as impossible in those individual countries, which would have to go again themselves in mass for the agriculture and the horticulture, because the country resources as well as also the existing farmers the horticulture and the smallholders plantations do not suffice for it, because already too much good cultivated land has disappeared, obstructed, concreted over and was exhausted.

A catastrophe is then unavoidable also with respect to the energy because residential buildings and other buildings cannot be heated anymore because of the lack of petroleum as also power stations cannot generate energy anymore, if these are operated with petrol.

Also the lubricants for the motors and generators, as well as for machines of all kinds will fail and will bring many things to a standstill. And an uncontrollable disaster would arise through which many people also would die in the hospitals with respect to medicines, as well as to the medical equipment, and so forth.

I see the whole like this, if within a shortest time other means of energy production and other materials which can replace petroleum as substitute for the everyday life articles and other goods.

However, to it belong also two materials tar and natural gas, which are not eternally-constant either. Also the biofuels are an enormous problem which can be only solved through the definitive abolition through a prohibition of it.

And, if radically measures for a worldwide birth control finally are not taken, then in fact the great disaster cannot be stopped. If all the evil happens in fact, a scenario turns out then on the whole earth, which can be gladly and well marked as the end of the world or as the Third World Fire.

Now only ask yourself whether the clever heads among the researchers and the scientists as well as the responsible ruling ones are clever enough to find possibilities and to take measures as quickly as possible to prevent this threatening catastrophe with security?

They can only do this, however, if they finally listen to the warning and by taking out their fingers from their mouths in order to create an effective and far reaching measures concerning a worldwide birth control as well as clean and petroleum-independent possibilities for the production of energy and hit the nail on the head.

It is also necessary that the people in general reflect and do the right thing in order to correct the criminal and senseless use of the fossil resources. It is also part of it that vehicles, ships, aircraft, motorcycles and cars etc. are not used anymore for spins and holydays trips and as well as also that no sports and race meetings etc, by which fossil and biofuel find application be allowed and increased and carried out anymore.

Also that vehicles with combustible engines are used in order to drive 100 or 200 metres far to the next shopping purchase or to go to the workplace is criminal and it supports the threatening disaster, for which also that must be forbidden.

Cars only should be allowed for absolutely necessary transportations and other important journeys, with which a vehicle with combustible engine only should be allowed to go for the shopping and for the reaching to the job; if the way to it is more than five kilometres.

Transportations of handicapped person, transportations of sick people, important goods and cargo transports as well as school transports for children should be taken into consideration on that occasion as a necessity, vehicles which are, however, only especially provided and marked for it.

And what will be unavoidable if the whole actually arrives is the fact that the whole of the problems becomes still greater and more extensive and not managed anymore in relation to the rapidly increasing overpopulation.

So the demand for energy and the need for vehicles of every kind, for accommodations and houses, for medicines and for the basic consumer articles of daily use will rise just as increasingly more rapidly as also the demand for foods. And exactly in relation to these enormous and irresponsible destructive exploitation practised in a crazy manner by those which keep various kinds of domestic animals which are fed with the best foods which would be the best meal for the people.

This both with regard to first-class meat, which is used for dogs and cats food as well as also respecting to the different grains, vegetables, fruits, poultry and fish and all sorts of other animals which would be the best food for the human beings.

So everything which is done against the evils becomes obsolete and completely worthless even before it is completed; be it through the nuclear or solar energy, be it through the power of wind or of the water or through the energy produced by the incineration power plants or through medications for the illnesses and epidemics, which more and more frequently and more dangerously appear as epidemics and pandemics.

But also the drinking water always becomes into the biggest problem through the rising overpopulation and in the end it becomes a rarity while the people flee from their native countries as gigantic streams of refugees or are expelled from it and penetrate in the industrialized countries, where they hope for a better life, causing through it, however, more and more refugee tragedies and catastrophes.

Also, as a result, illnesses, epidemics and parasites are taken and are disseminated into the host countries, as this happens also with the transportation of goods and products, consequently originating new problems and catastrophes through it in the host-countries for the refugees.

And further evil develops itself by the fact that more and more sexual intermixing of members of different people always take place, which also permanently leads to big problems and to new illnesses and inevitably leads also in fact to behavioral alterations etc. the more extensively these intermixings takes place.

However, from the whole of it arises hate because of other mentalities, religions and cultures, which leads to evil acts of violence which cannot be controlled anymore in a simple and peaceful way.

Ptaah: You understood the thing here, which actually has hands and feet, as you have the habit of saying. The catastrophe mentioned by you already has begun to develop itself, even if the leaders of the earthly governments and the economy etc. do not see yet the whole of it, or simply do not want to admit it, as well as the scientists and the general people do not also.

And with it you say the truth that this global catastrophe actually threatens and closes in, if, as quickly as possible, the responsible ones of the governments and the scientist,s as well as the general people do not undertake the necessary action in order to stop this process already running and do the right thing.

Billy: I myself also calculated this as a great probability accordingly to the law of causality, respectively, in terms of cause and effect of what has been for some time and also is presently occurring on the Earth, and what it is to be expected. One must only sum up one plus one, then, by itself, the result emerges as an irrefutable factor of reality.

A part of the original German text is to be found here:
And the whole text is at:
(Post 1 of JBarreto)


COPYRIGHT 1992/1993 BY Eduard Meier 'Freie Interessengemeinschaft fur Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien', Semjase-Silver- Star-Center, CH-8495 Hinterschmidruti ZH, Switzerland. All rights reserved. No part of the writings, photographs, films, slides, etc. may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, performance, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the holder of the copyright. Published by Wassermannzeit-Verlag (Aquariantime Publishing House), CH-8495 Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland

Now...DO spread the word to the whole planet...!!!

That Peace may yet be in our future



Czymra 02-18-2009 11:02 AM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'

Originally Posted by Luminari (Post 90839)
Is there is any german speaking enlightened individuals here on Avalon?

Could you please read this new book by Billy Meier and summarise some of the concepts here for the english speaking people of Earth.

...would be massively appreciated.

How about you send me one and I'll take care of it. ;)

Luminari 02-18-2009 01:09 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'

Originally Posted by Czymra (Post 113875)
How about you send me one and I'll take care of it. ;)

Thanks Czymra, download Kelch der Wahrheit/Chalice of Truth in the original lyrian encoded german version from this page:


Salome gam naan ben urda gan nyber asala hesporona

Czymra 02-18-2009 08:43 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'

Originally Posted by Luminari (Post 113887)
Thanks Czymra, download Kelch der Wahrheit/Chalice of Truth in the original lyrian encoded german version from this page:


Salome gam naan ben urda gan nyber asala hesporona

Wow, and I thought it's to be paid for. Can you give me a notch in 2 weeks time so I remember to post back here? This is quite a long piece.

J_rod7 02-23-2009 09:56 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'

A short note in regards to translation of Kelch der Wahrheit, ( Goblet of Truth ) into English.

The Professional translation of this most important work, has now already been paid-in-full by donations from the Members and Associate Members of FIGU worldwide.

It is now only a short time that the official English version will be available = also for free, as a download PDF book.

The announcement for the official release of Goblet of Truth will be made at these two sites...:



I am happy like a puppy - in anticipation

For the Peace which passes all Understanding



Czymra 02-23-2009 10:40 PM

Re: 'Goblet of Truth'
And I haven't even started. 0_0 So much on the plate, but hey allow me to finish Psychic Sexuality. ;)

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