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Antonia 12-10-2009 12:30 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill... Great to have you back here posting... I'm much the same vein as Luminarie.. (The open door).. and am very taken with Asha'yana Dean's material... it just resignates well and fills in a few blancs with my own very distant fragmented past life memories from the Orion sector and Orion wars.. So a lot of her universal histrory has me rivited. Is there an interview some where down the pipe line?? I know you say Kerry is in contact with her but will it amount to any thing bigger? Keep up the incredable work... Camelot has really changed my life too...

SWIFT 12-10-2009 01:13 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill :welcomeani:,
What's your take from the insiders on the Norway event :winksmiley02:last night,

JesterTerrestrial 12-10-2009 02:33 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Greetings Bill Ryan!

Wonderful words of wisdom you share in this video! The passion in your research shows with amazing colour as always :thumb_yello: and I continue to stand by the original mission...even though I have never signed the round table ah well :D Call me crazy but I do believe that humanity has a chance to overcome the enormous issues we face and avalon has played a major role in this astonishing accomplishment. As pall Hellyer said so well in APRIL 2008 LETS BRING THE PLANET BACK FROM THE BRINK OF DESTRUCTION!

Project Camelot and Project Avalon




Nice work indeed! PEACE JT :mfr_lol:


so far because its a flippin blizzard here and I'm yet to view that last few parts! The snow is going sideways my wireless internet link is frozen. :lmfao: Whats your take on how disclosure is going to go down and what we might expect as far as a gameplan to getting the new technologies to the people? Just in general I was wondering your thoughts. I have some ideas of my own as to when the phierflys might light themselves up!

Tramik 12-10-2009 11:18 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hey Bill, just thought I'd say I really enjoyed your interview. You addressed some questions I had. One of them was whether or not the Annunaki were Reptilian. Your answer pretty much mirrored my own.

I'd really like to see you and Kerry comment more personally on either individuals and their stories, books/documentaries, etc.

Your interview, oddly enough, answered more questions than most people you yourself interview (which typically generate more questions than they answer). Keep up the good work, we're rootin' fer ya'!

jaby 12-10-2009 11:25 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Tramik (Post 196641)
Keep up the good work, we're rootin' fer ya'!

Yeah...we're rootin' fer ya ! :original:

Love you Bill. Love you Kerry.

0r!oN 12-10-2009 12:32 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Big fan ofcoz!:thumb_yello:
your work is great and has opened alot of minds:)
i am from Norway my self and we have had some xsta0rdenary stuff going on in our night skies l8ly.

our main national newspaper:


They try to tell us it is a rocket from a russian u-bout:mfr_lol:
Funny rocket behaving like this and is giving out so much light that it is seen by most of the nothern scandinavia

Enyways i wanna thank you again for your great work

PS. I am a amature editor adding some visuals to the Camelot interviews
making a miniseries called Insiders Tales.First episode will be up on utube during christmas.Futering Bill Holden.striped away politics and discussion.Leaving the main personal storie of mr. Holden.Made for free for us Camelot fans:)i will post a link when its done.Hope you get the time to have a look at it and tell us what you think

Emil Pettersen

Peace of mind 12-10-2009 03:35 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill,

I was wondering what you think about the Governor Jesse Ventura. He has a conspiracy show, and IMO it looks official. I’m posting this because I have some concern for him and his staff. I admire their efforts and think they should have some practice with spirituality. I strongly believe if they are to succeed in this work they need to learn how to conquer fears and shield themselves. In last nights episode I saw a strange look in Jesse’s eyes and some of his staff members as they started to get deeper into the conspiracy. That look was fear.

So, would you work with Jesse? (He has political power and media access). And, he also seems to have a vendetta against the government. I’m sure he is also looking for more material and what you and Kerry do just might be that material…just trying to help build a resistance, a team to fight the PTB.
Sorry if this was posted already…or offensive.


Bill Ryan 12-10-2009 03:58 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi, All:

Many thanks to everyone for your generous words.


Originally Posted by seeingterra (Post 195817)
A question; I seemed to have a "nordic alien" (tall, white robe, gold belt, blonde to the neck hair) standing beside my bed in my case telling me to be calm etc, at the same time two rather small long armed "grey's"(I think, it was a little dark) came towards me up in my bed.

Long story short, next morning, woke up with my palm full of dried up blood.
No physical evidence of abuse or anything like that (no traces of blood in the nose), only tender spots on my middle chest.

This however made (makes) me wonder about the statements regarding the "nordics" involvement and perhaps agenda.

Do you have any opinions\ experiences that can elaborate more on this?

None at all, I'm afraid... a very high strangeness story, but there are many highly strange personal stories that we have heard. They are often as mysterious to us as to the experiencer.


Originally Posted by powerviolence (Post 196036)
Are you aware of the Hidden Hand's testimony? it's on Wes Penre's site, and would it be possible for Camelot in any way to present that info so it becomes more widespread?

Also, are you guys familiar with the Terra Papers? I've never ever heard you guys mention it at all, I think it's a required read for anybody interested in these topics, also, an interview with Robert Morning Sky would probably be very interesting.

And lastly, please don't sell hats, or anything else for that matter, Camelot is so modest and noble at the moment, I would hate to see any type of merchandise, advertising or commercialization of anything, it would ruin the purpose of the message and would detract more than a few, I know for a fact if I see somebody selling anything I'll think thrice before believing a word they say.

a. Yes, we know about Hidden Hand's testimony. We were approached by a deep insider, who we believe was totally authentic, who wanted to let us know that Hidden Hand's information was "90% correct" - but NOT 100%. He said there was deliberate disinformation. He was very anxious to let us know what was incorrect. We're in the middle of this at the moment - one of many projects.

b. Terra Papers - yes. I feel some of the story is mixed up with modern information from the internet, but the original story felt that it could be true.

c. Commercialization: Many thanks for your thoughts. They mirror my own precisely. We're currently trying to work through what's best for Camelot, and this is not always obvious or clear. We do welcome feedback from anyone who reads this about overt commercialization such as putting paid adverts on the site.

Personally, I think there are much smarter ways to generate revenue streams which give real added value to visitors, such as small-group, half-day audio conferences, high quality live conference video streaming, a quality newsletter with added commentary/ content value, DVDs of summaries of Camelot research on particular topics, and so on.


Originally Posted by NicholaQuinn (Post 196051)
1. Anymore news from Patrick Geryl regarding the Labyrinth at Hawara?
2. Any updates regarding Dr Pete Peterson?
3. Last but not least, any info regarding the Pickering bros source A?

No, no, and no :)


Originally Posted by Oliver (Post 196056)
I would like to ask you if you have any inside info about MJ12 being divided these days concerning the disclosure?

Nothing on this either, I'm afraid.


Originally Posted by Majorion (Post 196208)
Bill, will you and Kerry ever do a feature length Henry Deacon video interview, its a real shame if he's gone now!!

Great question. It's heavily ironic that we spent so much time with Henry/Arthur (total: MANY person-days) and never captured a good quality video interview which presented his story well. The best we have is probably the Jumproom to Mars conversation with David Wilcock, which we feel was a minor classic.



Originally Posted by joe2288 (Post 196222)
What happened to that Goerge green video not being loaded with all the others?

Work in progress - apologies again for the delays in getting all this material out there. We have it all and just need to spend a few hours editing and uploading it.


Originally Posted by Antonia (Post 196252)
am very taken with Asha'yana Dean's material... Is there an interview some where down the pipe line?? I know you say Kerry is in contact with her but will it amount to any thing bigger?

Yes, Kerry would love to do a full interview.


Originally Posted by SWIFT (Post 196305)
What's your take from the insiders on the Norway event :winksmiley02:last night?

Highly strange. We've not commented on this so far (a) because it's widely reported and discussed elsewhere, and (b) because we have no definitive information about that this was or could have been.


Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial (Post 196351)
What's your take on how disclosure is going to go down and what we might expect as far as a gameplan to getting the new technologies to the people? Just in general

The best I've got is as stated and discussed in the Freedom Central video... we have no further information. But it has to be coming.


Originally Posted by Peace of mind (Post 196741)
I was wondering what you think about the Governor Jesse Ventura. He has a conspiracy show, and IMO it looks official. So, would you work with Jesse?

We're happy to work with anyone whose purpose aligns with ours. It takes a large team effort to get this stuff done. Alliances and creative collaboration I think are always well worth considering if both parties end up with a stronger platform.

lightblue 12-10-2009 08:00 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill

Thanks a million for your time, generosity and integrity.

I wondered if you have heard anything from Gordon Novel lately. During his interview with Kerry a while ago, he said he would do his very best to release a free energy technology to the world. I this were true, it would indeed revolutionise EVERYTHING. I am most curious whether you have any updates on his whereabouts and plans to do with this piece of info.

Thanks and
Bestest wishes

qbeac 12-10-2009 08:13 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
- Is Sheldan Nidle info or disinfo?
- Will there be huge earth changes and earth evacuation, as he says?
- Will you consider interviewing him?

Dear Bill, thanks for opening this thread and for all the good work you and Kerry are doing. We REALLY appreciate it and we are doing all we can to help spread the word about Camelot Project all over the Internet.

Very briefly, I have 3 questions-comments:

1) I wonder if Sheldan Nidle is info or disinfo…? I’ve followed him for a few years but I just don’t have enough knowledge (background, sources to verify data, etc.) to be able to discern if he is info or disinfo.

2) In the following short video Sheldan talks about huge earth changes, going to inner-earth, etc. I highly recommend it, it’s only 10 minutes long:

Agarthans, Humanity's Mentors
Huge Earth Changes (10 min)


Sheldan also talks about a possible evacuation of the surface of the earth in several other updates, for instance:

* Update for Apr. 28, 2009 and Oct. 20, 2009
  • … Earth's surface, too, is to undergo a vast reconfiguration in synchrony with your transformation (…) Naturally, while this is happening you need to be elsewhere: in the safe haven of Inner Earth. At the same time, we will evacuate from the surface all animals and plants which your local Spiritual Hierarchy deem compatible with the new reality…
  • … As this plays out, Mother Earth pushes forward with the changes that are to come before you are evacuated from your surface world…

3) Will you consider interviewing Sheldan Nidle?

Thanks a lot. qbeac.

rfebres 12-10-2009 08:36 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Everyone from AZ

Although I have been reading about these stuff for years (all subjects in Camelot, etc) I have not participated much in forums etc, cause I figure most of the answers you have to find within yourself and besides my written English is not that good. That aside, I have read in many other sites that the Illuminati and all those factions like to disclosed their intentions by putting them right on your face (sort of hidden) in movies, etc sometimes using numbers (Gematria) I think is called. While I was reading on David Wilcock's site he was talking about the series "V". So I set out and watch all recent episodes(4). All of which air in Nov. 2009. Due to resume on this date: March 30 2010 (hint: 3... 2... 1... like a count down sequence) Now, one number in one of the episodes really stuck in my mind. The number of "V" ships that arrived on earth (29). If your start from this date: 4(April)2010 which is first month after the episodes resume, and add 29(ships) months to that you get Sept 2012, now add the sequence above (count down) and you get December 2012. Am I crazy? The funny thing though is that I was sending this info to David through his contact page and when I clicked the send button I looked at my computer clock and guess what time it was? 12:12. What do you guys think? Am I going cookoo?

migp 12-10-2009 08:53 PM

2010 , 2011, 2012
Hi Bill,

What can we expect for the economy next year....could you address on what Mr. Benjamin Fulford says in his blog.....is it going to be a drastic change in the world economy, including the use of hidden technilogy?

TheRebel 12-10-2009 09:06 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hello Bill,
First thanks to you and Kerry and all Project Camelot Team for all your exemplary work and this is my post since this forum has become free, so thanks a million for that as well. Similar to everyone, i have also have some favourite guests, whom i listen only however i am open to other views and opinions as well. When you were doing Mr. Peterson's interview and while concluding you told that it has been most fascinating interview you had done so far!! We all know that he did share some of the inside information with you all off the camera, but he was restricted on camera; so would not it be a good idea if you can share some of those information wherever feasible to do so as we really did not find much fascination in that interview.....One quick request is that...Would you like to interview "Drunvalo Melchizedek" for throwing some light on all the prevalent issues, i.e. 2012, UFOs, history, mystery, spirituality...i think existing and potential members of Avalon would love to listen to that....Thanks again...talk to you soon!!

Midnight Oil 12-10-2009 09:18 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill,

Great decesion to make this forum available for free again.

Are you planning to do an interview with Lou Baldin( aka "Sleeper")?, you know John Lear thinks this guy is for real too..

More q's to come.

Best regards.

geoff 12-10-2009 09:52 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
firstly, big ups, much gratitude and respect to you and kerry for your seemly tireless dedication and unbounded energy the both of you have put into project camelot over the years in getting The Truth out there -- Out There (for the rest of us).

secondly, are you aware of and what is your and/or kerry's opinion of the works of (paris france based) Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- author of many enlightening books and wife of internationally known theoretical physicist, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, an expert in hyperdimensional physics? i've never heard or seen you or kerry mention Laura or Ark and was curious if you had plans to interview her and/or Ark? i think it would be one of the most fascinating and far reaching exchanges you and kerry could engage in as laura has been researching and investigating this "stuff" for over thirty some odd years -- i bet you'd have a bit in common to share/talk don't you think? :original: (btw, i thought laura gave a pretty good interview on BBC Radio in Feb '07 at http://redpillpress.com/retail/index...id=1&chapter=0 -- with the requisite Charles Fort ‘damned data’ and “I think we’re property” quotes in it.)

thirdly, are you aware of and what your and/or kerry's opinion of the works of (australia based) Dr. Amitakh Stanford at http://xeeatwelve.com/ and more recently http://www.flyingbuffaloes7.net/ ? these writings also make for fascinating insightful reading and seemingly jive congruently with many of the facts and points some of your other interviewees have spoken on. i'm curious to know if you ever have you tried to interview Dr. Stanford when you've been down under in the past and if not, perhaps in the future on your next visit?

with very best wishes to you and kerry for a prosperous '10 as our beautiful earth moves though the shift and into the bright light,


Landulous 12-10-2009 10:07 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill & Kerry.
I registered a while back, but went through bankrupty and could not pay.
But now that it is free, I am registered as Landulous the planet I come from as a Starseed, by people are welcome to call me Scouter John or John.


1. Is there any way to load a file, specifically Omini Page 15 (I beileve it is spelt that way.) I would be loading on 2 files containing a 2 books that I feel are very important information to get out. It is about spirituality not UFOs or Free energy. So is this possible. I do not think it is. I don't think the forum is set up that way. They are also large files because they are the whole book.

2. Is there any way to load a few audio files, likely large too. Again about spirituality?

It would be nice to share these files if possible. But I am pretty sure the forum does not work that way.

Landulous 12-10-2009 10:21 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

qbeac 12-10-2009 10:25 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
- Can we trust Dr. Steven Greer, or not?
- Is he sincere in wanting to bring to light Free Energy?
- Is he honest or a double agent (gatekeeper, infiltrated)?
- Does he work for a real contact with “positive ETs”, or for Project Blue Beam (faked or "negative ETs")?

Dear Bill, I know this is a delicate subject, but my question is:
Is Dr. Greer an honest person (or being), or does he have a hidden dark agenda? Does he work for the light or for the dark side?
These are just 3 examples about Dr. Greer that, IMHO, don’t add up too well:
1) Dr. Greer says all ETs are good. But in your excellent interview with him (jul-26-09) you and Kerry said that was an irresponsible statement, and I totally agree with you.

2) I witnessed the incident in the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit (jul-26-09) where some people said they were allegedly intimidated (or threatened) by Dr. Greer when they talked to him about their own Free Energy devices. I am aware it is not yet clear what really happened (Ex: if the accusations against Dr. Greer were true or just a misunderstanding), but still, that incident is kind of suspicious and I think it should be clarified.

3) Dr. Greer says he wants to help people to develop their Free Energy devices. Well, Bill, you saw the “Pantone GEET motor” in Barcelona (jul-26-09): 30% gasoline 70% water and a huge reduction of pollution. It's important to note that his inventor, Paul Pantone, has given for free the plans of his invention so that EVERYBODY can replicate it (see video bellow).

So, if Dr. Greer is sincere about wanting to promote Free Energy devices, here he has a great one: Pantone motor. Would he promote the Pantone motor (in CNN, as he said in Barcelona)? If he did, that would be a very simple, quick and excellent way for people to see for themselves this technology is real and it works. Also, the word would spread all over the world!
Paul's Comments About GEET FREE PLANS
Paul Pantone gives for free to the world his plans to build the Pantone motor


Detailed instructions to build the Pantone motor

But the “strange” fact is that Dr. Greer “is not” promoting such as simple demonstration of an effective Free Energy device like the Pantone GEET motor (or similar devices). Why doesn’t he do it ASAP?

Considering the above, one may wonder about these two possible “hypothesis”:
a) Is Dr. Greer sincere when he says he wants to bring to light Free Energy, or is he perhaps a double agent (gatekeeper) who is trying to identify the best Free Energy devices (to suppress them?), while at the same time he is buying time to help bringing to fruition the elite’s dark agenda?

b) Is Dr. Greer working for a “real contact” with “good ETs”, or is he working for Project Blue Beam?
I’ll explain that last option (“b”) a little better:

Could there be a “bad” Project Blue Beam and a “good and nice” Project Blue Beam? In this last case, that would be a very clever way for the elite to substitute the current “visible and fake” power structure (governments, official politicians) with a new fake one of a higher level: bad ETs pretending to be “good ETs”.

Please, what’s your take on that?

Thanks. qbeac.

Dr. Nicholas Rush 12-10-2009 10:40 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan (Post 195209)
Hello, Everyone:

There are a lot of changes going on at the moment, and I wanted to take this opportunity to open up a thread to communicate with old and new friends at the Avalon Forum, to answer questions and be open to communication.

As Karen has already stated elsewhere, Kerry and I are very heavily overloaded and it's only for this reason we've not been posting here: as it is, it's a risk, because of the danger of raising expectations which I or we might not be able to meet.

I invited Kerry to join me in an update thread, but she asked me to pass on her best wishes and declined gracefully. She prefers not to use the written word and for her it's just too time-consuming - which some of you will understand very well. She has her new radio show starting on 10 December - first guest, David Wilcock - and I won't be taking part in that because of the time zone difference [3 to 5 am in Europe].

However, we'll also be starting a commercial-free audio blog, probably for an hour a week with the opportunity to give conversational updates and take calls. We'll announce that as soon as we have it nailed. So between us, we have several ways to talk to Camelot visitors, who are now numbering a million a month.

Many thanks to all of you for your enormous support and energy the last year. We do read your e-mails, but all too often have no time to reply. Let's see how this goes here. I have no suggested format, but I'm happy to answer questions (if I can) and generally offer updates on this thread. I won't be posting anywhere else, so this is the place to look for me.

Final note: we're glad that the decision to make the forum free has been well-received. We're aware that for the mods it might be quite a headache with a rush of new members (or old ones coming back). My personal request - and I say this as a member as you all are - is that the moderation should be fair and always courteous but tough if necessary in order to maintain the high tone of the forum. For all those who regard this as your forum home, please assist in whatever way is needed to keep this a great place to visit every day.

Very best wishes to all - Bill

Nice to step aboard Bill. Pass my compliments on to Kerry, She's not a bad singer. I'm a bit of a vocalist myself, well I am a Taff :naughty:. Maybe a duet would be in order sometime :thumb_yello: Why am I here? this is the big question for me. I don't know why as yet but I am sure it will come to me. Why are you here? You really should get that sinus sorted, it must be irritating for you

TempestGarden 12-10-2009 11:44 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hey Bill.

Good to see that you have a presence on the forums. I am very sorry that you will not be on the radio show as I always look forward to your input during interviews. I was one of the ones that has been listening to Camelot Radio since it started and was often listening to it as it was airing live.

I have a question for you that I asked you in email some time ago that I will re-ask here since I didn't get a reply and I think it will be of interest to a lot of us here. You mentioned in one of your recent interviews that you were given information as to what the Annunaki look like. I was wondering if you would be willing to share this info with us?

I figured you would be bombarded with questions, and you are. LOL So, thanks again for taking the time to correspond with us.

indakaz 12-10-2009 11:58 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Bill, do you know anyone who could raise the chemtrail issue at copenhagen?

pyrangello 12-11-2009 12:06 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Your right Bill in the movie contact " We are so at our best when things are the worst". That led me to ask you a follow up to that on movies and any merit to any past or present we should watch . I ask because I get the feeling that many movies are made as a pre-text to condition our mind for positive or negative reasons. In the Movie "Contact " with Jodi Foster after she goes thru the worm hole she was told that we will learn in time when on the beach. In the recent movie "Jumpers" they detail the group with powers as Paladians but never explain who they are in the entire movie. What are your thoughts on Contact, Jumpers, even Star wars and do you recommend any for us to see that are close to what we are and to our history ? Thank You Sir !

Daft Ada 12-11-2009 12:08 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill, Thank you for all you and Kerry have done and are doing.

I was looking forward to the new radio show, but I am in the UK and I don't fancy being up at three in the morning either. I notice the radio station want people to pay to listen to their archives :nono: So will you be having the archives on your site please?

May I be bold and share my feelings with you that I can't help feeling that you are stretching yourselves too far. I know you and kerry want to find out as much information as you can, but I thought the point of Camelot was to get that information out to the people?
Of late there have been announcements of interviews you have done and statements that they will be posted by next weekend or within a couple of weeks etc. but weeks and sometimes months pass and they never come, there are still vids missing from the long gone conferences. There was a statement on 27th November that You and Kerry were interviewed by Rumour Mill News Radio and still no Interview.
I find myself going to the site for days on end and sometime there is nothing new, just constant announcements of what you are doing next.
I know you are working 24/7 and knowing you two probably eight days a week, but not a lot of point in doing that if you don't pass the information on.
As far as I am concerned you are my most trustworthy source of information and I know you both know more than you are telling us. but please try and leave time for us. I hope this hasn't come accross as a big criticism, I just get so frustrated waiting for promised info and I am worried that you are going to end up with no time for us at all, or maybe will start selling us the information like Hoagland and others.

Take care and keep up the good work :thumb_yello:

Loved your interview by the way Bill, I could listen to you all day

pilot 12-11-2009 12:41 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill,
Thank you for making the forum free again and GOOD that the radio show is back on, I missed it, I used to call & speak to you guys, it was fun! Anyway I too am wondering about the rumor mill news interview, would love to hear it, and also looking forward to you getting to interview Raylean, she does have an interesting story.

Best to both you and Kerry, you are much appreciated!!

DeborahLynnK 12-11-2009 12:55 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Dear Bill,

I'm wondering if you and Kerry might interview Ashayana Deane, Marshall Vian Summers, George Kavassilas, and/or Drunvalo Melchizadek?

Also wondering what you think of David Wilcock's recent very positive views of what is occurring - such as the imminent fall of the Illuminate, and if we could be out of the woods with the dark ET's?

I hope that Kerry asks David Wilcock his views about this, as to whether his positive views means that the dark ET's will soon no longer be of concern, as he sees the fall of the Illuminate.

Thank you,

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