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onawah 01-10-2010 06:01 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
I just discovered what appears to be another wonderful website. It's
There's a short video in 2 parts which introduces it at
It cover all kinds of bases re ascension and living healthfully on the planet

I would also like to hear more about what we can expect as far as a false flag Disclosure and the real thing.
Many reputable channelers have said that Obama was not the person the Illuminati wanted to win and that he is a good person to have in the White House now, would do as well as anyone could considering all that must be contended with, etc, and came in with a mission to help turn things around to a more positive agenda. It felt last year like that might actually be the case, and we were on our way to Disclosure, etc, but there seems to be a lot of doubt now, either because Obama just can't contend with it all, that he is actually just another puppet, or that the time just hasn't come yet for the tide to turn. (Maybe he is having a spiritual struggle of his own to open to the Light...in which case, he surely needs our support.)
Is it just me, or are things really seeming to be at the tipping point now? With the US economy in such dire straits, there seems to be an enormous amount of pressure, and perhaps it's anyone's guess as to what will happen, but it SURE feels like something's got to give.
I'm also wondering if the blue spiral over Norway helped to create the extreme weather conditions we are having now. It seems pretty clear the spiral originated from HAARP, though one channeler I follow, Suzy Ward, says it was of ET origin. (Seems unlikely to me.)
Finally, I read that Obama has given Interpol increased power, which strips US citizens of more civil liberties, but some are speculating it is because he wants to have more access to secret documents so that criminal activities committed by Bush, Cheney, etc can be revealed and held accountable.
Any inside word on this?

Rena 01-10-2010 05:02 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill,
Could you post what happened to the MK-Ultra conference that was suppose to be held next month? On the Project Camelot it stated it was a venue problem, what could have been the problem? Thanks in advance, Rena.

DoctorWho 01-10-2010 06:10 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
It has been updated to say now that conference will be pushed back at a later point this year. If you go the the conference website, they give a little bit more detail.
Bill "the Doctor"

eleni 01-10-2010 06:16 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Conference is postponed (I'm one of the speakers) and several of us are suggesting it to be held in California as the Awake and Aware conference was held there with no issues from the hotel.

Our feeling is that the PTB gave warnings to the hotels- we have no proof but it was odd that 3 hotels backed out.

As I mentioned before- several had a direct presence warning which may or may not have been related to speaking at the conference, and one speaker was warned and that speaker backed out of the conference.

mkspllmn 01-10-2010 07:15 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Is this true?: Bill has not been heard from on this forum since Dec. 31. He stated that he would be back on the 2nd. It is now the 10th.

Daft Ada 01-10-2010 08:39 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by mkspllmn (Post 219874)
Is this true?: Bill has not been heard from on this forum since Dec. 31. He stated that he would be back on the 2nd. It is now the 10th.

It feels to me like something is going down as nothing of any consequence has been posted on their site for quite some time either, the archives of the radio shows and blogs are way behind :tears:

Brinty 01-10-2010 08:49 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by mkspllmn (Post 219874)
Is this true?: Bill has not been heard from on this forum since Dec. 31. He stated that he would be back on the 2nd. It is now the 10th.

I'd be inclined to think that he's highly peed off with all the irrelevant chitter-chatter and bickering that's been prevalent on a thread that was intended as a question and answer thread. :offtopic: I personally would have thrown the towel in weeks ago. :wall:

mkspllmn 01-10-2010 09:03 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Brinty (Post 219952)
I'd be inclined to think that he's highly peed off with all the irrelevant chitter-chatter and bickering that's been prevalent on a thread that was intended as a question and answer thread. :offtopic: I personally would have thrown the towel in weeks ago. :wall:

That could be but would it be like him to just abandon his own project without any closure?

Maybe when he comes back it wont really be him! :rm_robot:

Roman195 01-11-2010 02:12 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Thank You Bill And Kerry for giving me a breath of fresh air. One more thing, Bill; did you ever try that substance, from that Polish inventor, with the holes in it that allowed you to breath under water?

Zechariah 11:16 For see, I will put a sheep-keeper over the land, who will have no care for that which is cut off, and will not go in search of the wanderers, or make well what is broken, and he will not give food to that which is ill, but he will take for his food the flesh of the fat, and let their feet be broken.

Kinsuemei2 01-11-2010 02:57 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
If Bill Ryan was to throw in the towel I believe he would have told us as much, let us remember his is only one person, perhaps the holiday season has been very busy for him, but I doubt he would just leave us hanging. that's never really been his style. He is a gentleman.

Brinty 01-11-2010 06:43 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
I agree with both mkspllmn and kinsuemei2 that it's not like Bill to abandon us - but all the same, I would support his decision if he has.

dolphin 01-11-2010 09:22 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
what "gentleman" would've insulted and insinuated a former coleague like he did to cliff high. he's no "gentleman".

Bill Ryan 01-11-2010 03:37 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hello, All:

Please forgive the long delays. Even now I don't have as much time as I wanted to respond to the backlog. But here's a start... I'm continuing to answer each question in sequence.


Originally Posted by Contact-E (Post 199811)
#1. Have you guys ever thought of talking to someone on camera about the truth behind the Gander crash ?

#2. In some past interviews it was brought up that some people have what's known as throw away DNA, but that its thought that its really left over Alien DNA ? I was wondering on what your take is on the thought and idea that at least some if not all people are known to have two sets of vocal chords, and why that is ?

#3. Also I've watched the new Jesse Ventura tv show, and I believe the three of you should get together and do a interview as his tactics on the Harrp, and 9/11 show I believe meld well with yours.

1) Would love to, but we donít have any contacts, and no-one has written to us about this (For reference, the Gander crash is described here.

2) Interesting idea which Iíve heard several times before: no such thing as Ďjunkí DNA: nature is not that wasteful. (Never heard the part about two sets of vocal chords...)

3) Yes, weíd love to hook up with Jesse Ventura... he knows a lot about who are now after the Duncan OíFinioan episode last week.


Originally Posted by THEWATCHER (Post 199822)
Hi Bill, I'm sure with all your meets with others they would tell you of the greater politics which drives whether interviews should be given by an individual or not. Yes at that time July 2008 certain events were about to play out taking me out of the scene completely. Will not detail in public here but can PM you some data. The changes re these power politics occur frequently. This year I have been available for interviews, even Miles Johnston (of Bases 2 DVDs) wishes further interviews. Politics between certain groups in UK and US often wrestle for control over an individual. This has been the case with me. Hope that clears that up or people might think the gagging is constantly in place. Might hear from you yet Bill?
Regards, Barry

OK, Barry - please excuse the delay in reply on this one - do please write to Kerry as sheíll be in the UK soon and may be interested in meeting you there. Put in the subject line ďINTERVIEW IN THE UK - BARRY KINGĒ. I'll tell her that you'll be in touch.


Originally Posted by petem (Post 199858)
hi bill,
Your statements regarding Clif High hiring a "PI" to research Dr Bill has raised many an eyebrow among us Avalon veterans.

Thanks for this - this is one of a number of questions asked in this thread and on the one dedicated to discussing the issue.

The issue is sensitive, so Iíll just say this:

1) Kerry immediately invited Clif to her radio show so that he could discuss the issues with me and her. He declined.

2) My view remains firm that Clif High should not be investigating (and drawing conclusions from) Bill Deagleís private finances with an intention to discredit him. And this IS his intention.

3) I was physically present in the room with Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann) when he talked with Bill Deagle for 45 minutes in early December 2007, which included a fascinating exchange about classified projects, project locations, codewords and clearances. It was the first time they had spoken.

There was absolutely no doubt that the conversation was genuine and that Bill Deagle and Henry were both in the many places they stated they were. I'm personally convinced that (like Henry) Bill Deagle is well-intentioned, is a brave and principled man, and has told the truth as best as he knows it.

If Clif High has a different view, he has a right to that. But in my opinion Clif would be best advised to focus on his own prognostications and to respect data revealed by other whistleblowers without going out of his way to denigrate them publicly, digging up private financial information in order to try to do so.


Originally Posted by Frank Samuel (Post 199894)
Hi again Bill,

In your last interview you really pour out your heart, to my pleasant amazement, you are quite an advanced spiritual soul. You mention in the interview that you have memories as far back as 2,000 yrs. How did you gain these memories?

Processes (which are nothing to do with hypnosis) based on the research of Ron Hubbard. They work beautifully.


Originally Posted by Aztar (Post 200047)
Have you had any contact with Dan Winter?

No, sorry...


Originally Posted by Gnosis5 (Post 200060)
1) Are you afraid to mention the name of the Annunaki?
2) Do you have an awareness that each one of us can help heal the rifts between us and our ancient polar oppositions?
3) Have you known better people than I who exhibit more abilities than I even can mention?

1) No
2) Yes
3) Yes - Iíve met people with amazing abilities. They attract no attention to themselves, and work quietly in the background.


Originally Posted by carriblu (Post 200066)
What initially got you interested and hooked on scientology? also what was the games master thing you were talking about with Dane Tops?

Back when I was 31 (when I first encountered the subject) life was just hurting quite a lot, quite often. I wanted to dismantle or de-activate my triggers: the things that got me upset. I found the ďbasicĒ of each of the problems (many of which were based in past lives) and after that I have been MUCH more emotionally stable.

The benefit (which Iíd not expected) was that I uncovered details of past lives which Iíd not dreamed about - going way back - and all kinds of abilities started to be enhanced: a process known as Ďnegative gainí. In other words [analogy] you fix the stuck brakes on the car, and it runs better. You donít even have to tune the engine.


Originally Posted by dwonder (Post 200195)
What's your favorite song? Serious. Lets see who connects.

Gimme some Truth - John Lennon:



More as soon as I can - battling with snow here in Europe and I have to leave earlier than I'd planned for a journey that might be longer than expected.

Very best to all - Bill

zaina 01-11-2010 04:09 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill ,
Will it be put on on camelot site when Kerry is coming to UK and will she be doing any talks while here , Be great to meet her ,
Thanks zaina

Joelness 01-11-2010 05:23 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi Bill,

I just wanted to revisit Christopher Story. I read in an earlier post that you didn't find him credible at all. I must say that a lot of his 'news' posts seem grandiose and can't possibly be true. My question just stems from the fact that Benjamin Fullford in his newest post on 1/10/10 points directly at Christopher Story's Jan 7th post saying that most of it is extremely accurate.

1. Does this new revelation give more credit to Story's information?
2. If no, does it then discredit some of Fullfords information? (I do understand his info has been starting to change and seem less credible, but I want your take.)

ED 1/14/10: I see that currently Story and Fullford seem to be calling each other disinfo. Strange how two days beforehand Fullford cited Story's post as extremely credible. Maybe Story's Jan 7th post was a diamond in the rough? Strange that they've always had some corroborating info.

In all, you and Kerry do an incredible job and have always resonated as heroes to everyone open enough to listen. Thanks for your dilligence and all the hard work!

Much Love and appreciation

twelvestrand 01-12-2010 02:20 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Originally Posted by Frank Samuel View Post
Hi again Bill,

In your last interview you really pour out your heart, to my pleasant amazement, you are quite an advanced spiritual soul. You mention in the interview that you have memories as far back as 2,000 yrs. How did you gain these memories?

Processes (which are nothing to do with hypnosis) based on the research of Ron Hubbard. They work beautifully.


Hi Bill, where might one find these "processes"... are there any particular books that hubbard wrote regarding these processes that is a good place to start? I actually had asked a question regarding this earlier in this thread.


Gnosis5 01-12-2010 04:37 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Looks like there are some links and answers to your questions in the Dane Tops Interview thread.


Myra 01-12-2010 05:50 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by eleni (Post 219830)
Conference is postponed (I'm one of the speakers) and several of us are suggesting it to be held in California as the Awake and Aware conference was held there with no issues from the hotel.

Our feeling is that the PTB gave warnings to the hotels- we have no proof but it was odd that 3 hotels backed out.

As I mentioned before- several had a direct presence warning which may or may not have been related to speaking at the conference, and one speaker was warned and that speaker backed out of the conference.

What??? Yes no issues here with the Calif connections we may have your back on that one just in case anything is a problem. Let me know.

Bill Ryan 01-12-2010 10:36 AM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi, Folks:

Continued from yesterday.... and more to come later today or tomorrow if I possibly can.


Originally Posted by Steelhorsehd (Post 200299)
We met and chatted at the LA conference. I was wondering if you could recommend a good regressionist in So. Cal.

E-mail me with the subject REGRESSIONIST...


Originally Posted by Moxie (Post 200308)
[A number of commentators and sources have said or written that] "Time is short".

What do you know that is an apparent urgency?

Thanks, Moxie. My personal take on this is several-fold. Itís a big topic.

We co-create our future (in basic terms) and others with different intentions are trying to co-create a different future.

So itís a little like two groups of people each trying to build their sandcastle on the beach with the same pile of sand. Who wins? Itís a kind of race. Time is short because if we donít do enough, we get the sandcastle we donít want. We will have been out-created.

Other factors: the biosphere is under threat. I wrote earlier about near-irreversible damage and (as I recall) was asked for my source. I was quoting James Lovelock's famous 1997 Rolling Stone interview here.

Iím aware that Lovelock (the originator of the Gaia hypothesis) is referencing a global warming model, and this interview is two years old, but it deserves to be read carefully. Lovelock is a highly intelligent man and heís deeply in tune with the natural cycles of the Earth. His views deserve our respect.

Weíre in the middle of a huge slow-motion mass extinction of species thatís extremely rapid in geological terms. Several years ago, with Kerry in the Masai Mara in Kenya, I was looking at the Mara river (the life-giving artery of the entire wonderful place) - and had a kind of vision in which in the future it had dried up and all the animals were gone. I was shocked. That really upset me - I greatly love nature and all wild places - and I can vividly remember it to this day.

And some of you may know that I had a highly strange and complex ET experience 25 years ago in which I was told ďThe Earth is a very beautiful place. It wonít always be this way.Ē Those words haunt me still.

I donít believe that any future timeline is fixed, but I do think there are probabilities - something Henry Deacon used to stress each time we met with him and talked about these subjects. As Werner Erhard always used to say [my paraphrase], the danger is that we may all end up where weíre headed.

I am an optimist: Iíve said many times that if we were all doomed - in a rigged game - Iíd not be here this lifetime, and probably neither would you, reading this now. But my real point is that the actual enemy might be complacency. Hence my message to everyone who can listen: start doing what you came here to do - whatever that is.


Originally Posted by Fredkc (Post 200457)
Lemme spill out a "worst case", and go from there.

1. Man being a programmed life form, engineered by some other species for their purpose.
2. That even the glimpse we think we see at an ultimate creator is simply more of the same.
3. That our knowledge of ourselves, and our lot, is controlled so that even escape is an illusion (busy work). That there are enough of us willingly participating in this to keep it that way, and were that to change, our species would simply be re-engineered to regain control.

At this point, the story devolves into a "closed loop" which seems rather pointless. So a wrinkle is added:

4. "Benevolent" races arrive who are here "to help us", but through some limitations unknown are too damned "polite" (or whatever) to change the tune.

Iím not sure if that was a question. :) I think this is a closed-loop logic trap. Itís a little like saying that if we have no free will thereís no point in worrying about it, so we must logically assume we have - and take that as axiomatic. No other approach makes any sense.

The same argument applies re solipsism (the concept that you, reading this, are the only being in the universe and everything is imagined by you). Itís not disprovable, and so the only course of action is to assume the Ďvideo gameí is real and then start playing. Thatís the only way youíll find out more.


Originally Posted by Kinsuemei2 (Post 200908)
Ok Bill what do you think of Jesse Ventura's new conspiracy show on Tru TV?
What do you think of Jesse Ventura period?

Iíve not seen much. American TV always sensationalizes everything.

Kerry and I had our own planned Reality TV show (a kind of real-life X-Files, featuring a real Mulder and Scully) confirmed by one of the major networks: and then two weeks later it was abruptly canceled. This was two years ago. We assume there was a veto from higher up.

We were disappointed... we would have done a great job and it would have been hugely entertaining. This is still theoretically on the cards (maybe), but we might be just too radical or dangerous for the major networks. Any mainstream conspiracy show has to have built-in plausible deniability: segments of the audience have to be able to laugh or convince themselves something is hoaxed or unreal - or else it would be too dangerous.

This is related to all the arguments about ďproofĒ. (Summary: if you can prove a conspiracy, then you become very dangerous to the accepted order. If you canít, then youíre much less of a threat and may be allowed to drip-feed new ideas into the popular culture with a fuse always in the circuit - because without proof you can always be discredited if required.)

More later :)

Very best to all, Bill

gita 01-12-2010 12:48 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan (Post 221070)
Hi, Folks:

We co-create our future (in basic terms) and others with different intentions are trying to co-create a different future.

So itís a little like two groups of people each trying to build their sandcastle on the beach with the same pile of sand. Who wins? Itís a kind of race. Time is short because if we donít do enough, we get the sandcastle we donít want. We will have been out-created.

Can it then be possible that due to the magnitude of opposing intensions, the timeline may be able to split itself into two different created timelines as suggested by the Hopi petroglyph (the prophecy rock) instead of just the survival one or the other?

Bill Ryan 01-12-2010 03:52 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi, Folks:


Originally Posted by IMU (Post 200936)
What do you think of Leo Zagami? I also don't know if I can trust Dan Burisch or not...

Leo Zagami gave us the best information he had in our Feb 2008 interview. Kerry and I think he believed everything he was telling us.

Very soon after that he was overwhelmed and ďtaken backĒ. Just one data point about this (and there are many others): he called Kerry a few months ago and told her he was being tortured. Other public statements he made, especially in 2008, leave oneís eyebrows raised about his state of mind at that time.

In my view (let me put it this way...) everything heís stated publicly since our interview should be cross-checked against other information that one believes to be reliable. Leo is a good soul, but heís sitting in the hottest part of the fire and it would be almost impossible for him not to become burned.

Regarding Dan Burisch, his interviews remain on our site because we believe the bulk of the information is valuable and weíre still convinced that Dan believes everything heís told us.

The timeline 1, variant 83 information, for example, is critically important if true: and when we met with him for five hours in December 2008 after his six months sabbatical (and he really was offline for that time) everything he told us then seemed valid and credible. Dan was passionate and articulate and offered consistent, extremely detailed information about possible future events on that timeline variant.

As Iíve stated elsewhere, we respect Dan and continue to regard him as a friend, though weíre not optimistic we will hear from him again.


Originally Posted by 1love (Post 201060)
Bill, you mentioned that you dabble in free zone scientology and I was just wondering how far along you've gotten and how beneficial it's been for you? If this is too personal I understand if you don't want to answer the question.

Another personal question that you don't have to answer: 'When did you wake up' per se? Did you remember what triggered it ? Or was it just a gradual build up?

Iíve had benefit from Free Zone scientology since I first encountered the subject in 1984. The trigger for that was doing Werner Erhardís est Training, which impressed and helped me enormously, and I wondered where on earth Erhard got all his material from.

I read Erhardís biography [highly recommended], and realized it that Ďthe Trainingí was mostly based on scientology processes. I continued to work with est, but at the same time started applying scientology principles to myself.

That was basically the start of my journey. I write about this a little in my previous answer on p.25.

Interestingly, the prompt for my getting involved in est was my girlfriend Angi, who I first spoke about in our August 2009 interview with Arjan Bos and again in my Freedom Central interview. She was on est staff and was fairly close to some of the members of Erhardís family.

I learned an enormous amount during that period. It was after an est workshop that Angi suddenly grew two and a half inches at the age of 26, after realizing that she had an Ďinvestmentí in being small. That was also the time on my life when (associated with Angi) I had some of my ET encounters, and it was all rather a wild ride.

I was, however, 'awake' at a fairly early age. I remember at the age of 8 (eight!) being asked to write a story at school. Everyone else wrote about their puppy dog or their day at the seaside, but I wanted to write about Ghosts and Flying Saucers. (I have no clue why, because I knew nothing about the subject at such a young age.)

My teacher would not let me... my first experience of the cover-up. :)

Cheers, Bill

mikey 01-12-2010 04:29 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
...on a serious note...just to say unconditional respect and gratitude to you, kerry and all involved behind the scenes at camelot. as you are aware im sure, there are no coincidences, you are loved more than you know. on a lighter note...do you have more than one hat?! :original: peace always, mikey aka bananaman

Shaynard 01-12-2010 04:38 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Bill has the greatest analogies ever. :) I "borrow" them often because they are always so inspiring even when talking to something "scary".

You are much loved Bill.. No question.. Just my best wishes. I've waited a long time to watch you play, and as I've said in another thread.. I am enjoying the show. Thank you.

In light, of love

Bill Ryan 01-12-2010 06:53 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hi again, All:


Originally Posted by AnarChrist (Post 201074)

1a) are you aware of [L Ron Hubbardís] history and involvment with the occult, the OTO and Aleister Crowley?

1b) if so, his horrible science fiction aside, why would you consider endorsing him (if you are not, i apoogize, though it seems as if you do to me) or use anything associated with him?

2) Are you familiar with Carl Jung, his work or theories on the UFO phenomena? For that matter, do you or Kerry have any formal (or informal) training or educational background in the area of Psychology or Sociology?

3) In your opinion, what is the best thing for anyone to do or focus on in the interest of helping this whole drama to have the greatest possible happy ending (new beginning?) for everyone and everything here alive upon our beautiful planet?

1a) Yes. But thereís a LOT of disinfo out there with the intention of discrediting Hubbard. Donít just believe everything you read on the internet! The best think you could do is talk with someone whoís met him and worked with him (theyíre still around).

The second best thing would be to read a VERY good, balanced book about him (based on his personal experiences working shoulder-to-shoulder with Hubbard in the 70s) by Peter Moon, the author of the Montauk series of books. His book, which is basically autobiographical, is excellent. Donít be put off by the title.

The Montauk Book of the Dead

1b) What Iíve done is shared my own personal (extremely positive) experiences, and referred to the positive experiences of others. Note again that I never knew or met Hubbard and was never in the Church of Scientology - which I do NOT endorse. The Free Zone (and Ronís Org in particular) is totally different.

2) Yes, I used to give seminars on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based on Carl Jung's work. I did a year of psychology at university in conjunction with my maths and physics degree. I have a high regard for Jung's work.

3) See my answer below... a lot of people are working spiritually/metaphysically to avert bad outcomes. But practical action is also needed. They go hand in hand.

If one doesn't know what project to work on, work on the project which is yourself.


Originally Posted by morganlilith (Post 201154)
Do you have any thoughts on reverse speech? and in that same direction, have you looked into peggy kane's work with it?

Reverse Speech has always seemed to me like a Rorschach (inkblot) test. Iíve never been able to hear anything at all.... until itís suggested to me what I should be hearing. Then of course I identify the suggested pattern (and so does everyone else).

But humans operate by recognizing agreed-on patterns (which is what all language and music is, and most other things in life also), and are immensely susceptible to suggestion. To really analyze reverse speech, you have to listen without any front-loading (i.e. no-one telling you beforehand what you should be hearing)... and then see if what you hear (if anything) is the same as what others hear. Itís worth doing that experiment.


Originally Posted by M-1 (Post 201686)
Hi Bill,
Can Camelot interview Cliff and publish soon for two reasons really 1) the great information exchange and 2)calm the waters for all in this time of transition?

See my earlier post on p.25: Clif declined Kerryís invitation to appear on her radio show to discuss all this with her and myself.


Originally Posted by SpaceJockey (Post 201746)
My questions:

1. Will there be an Erich von Daniken full interview?

2. As a consumer of the alternative media I always had the impression that the alternative media always exaggerates (famine, martial law, 3rd world war starting all the time, economy imploding in a few month and so onÖ but it never happens), and has a serious problem with accuracy (example: itís the Zionists, itís the Nazis, itís the Illuminati, itís the Vatican, itís the masons, itís the bad aliens, itís the reptilians, itís demons from other dimensions and so on). I was wondering if Project Camelot can comment on this issue, perhaps propose an explanation.

1) Not at all impossible to do a full interview with von Dšniken... but nothingís planned.

2) Great question. Hereís my best answer:

Just because we were warned about something which didnít happen, it doesnít mean the information was bad. Iím personally as sure as I can be that hundreds (maybe many thousands) of people round the world are working spiritually/metaphysically to prevent bad things from happening. For that to work best, you have to know what youíre trying to prevent, and what the potential problem is.

I know people personally whoíve been working in mitigation against the Swine Flu, the vaccination program, and an Israeli strike against Iran. There are two basic possibilities: either these were all false alarms to begin with - or there really were serious problems, which have been averted. In some cases, we might never know. See the whole discussion about Timeline 1, variant 83.

A case in point was Bill Deagleís nightmare vision in October 2008 about the nuke in an American city. That sounded like a very real experience to us: when he first phoned us he could barely talk, he was so shaken up. Something had happened.

Itís not crazy to postulate that that event did occur, but on a different timeline. Thatís not the same as saying that it never happened at all and always was totally unreal. It seems plausible that there might be an alternative reality (or parallel timeline) in which George Bush remained in office, or another one in which Sarah Palin somehow ended up as President.

These alternative realities containing plausible events might in some very real sense exist and be accessible (or avoidable) with sufficiently high technology... or conscious intervention.

Cheers, Bill

Bill Ryan 01-12-2010 10:50 PM

Re: Bill Ryan's thread
Hello, Everyone:

Making up for lost time here. :)

Kerry and I have just been on Bill Deagle's radio show, starting noon today PST. It was a good one.

As you'll know, I'm not a Christian: but if you translate Dr Bill's metaphysical worldview into slightly different language (and it's a very important worldview to understand, in my opinion), we find we agree very closely indeed.

Why anyone thinks he presents disinformation I genuinely don't understand. His information correlates strongly with ours (from totally separate sources). I DO understand that some people don't like him (and some people don't like us, either: that's fine).

I also understand that some people think he's negative. Actually, he's not - no more than David Icke is, and Icke is someone who's equally misunderstood.

But while Dr Bill packs a punch of a hard-hitting warning that might be hard to listen to sometimes, we believe it's very important. As George Green said when we interviewed him on video:

If I see your car parked on the tracks and there's a train coming and I don't tell you, shame on you for not knowing: and shame on me for not telling you.

The idea of my telling you is so that you can move your car: not to make you angry, irritate you, upset you, make you afraid, or interfere. Just to move your car...


Originally Posted by Dood (Post 201977)
As for interviewing Lou Baldin/Sleeper....
Can you simply do a Phone or Skype Interview if travel then is too expensive?

Yes, we certainly could. We're likely to do more audio interviews this year, and/or have Kerry invite a range of new guests on to her radio show.


Originally Posted by RASKAR AS AR (Post 201979)
Any contact with chinese "whistleblowers"?No interview with an aboriginal Master or black african Master in the making?

Great question. No... and I wish there was more contact with other cultures. Of course they have their counterpart to what's happening in the English-speaking 'west'.

Russian UFO history parallels that of the US, for instance, and their black projects (researching torsion physics and psi phenomena, two obvious examples) match those in the US.

I was once told by someone recently retired from black ops (the Bell Labs physicist I mentioned in the Freedom Central interview) that the US was in a black-technology race with the Chinese and that the Chinese were as far ahead of the public sector in spacetime physics, electronics and materials science as the Americans were. I found it easy to believe.


Originally Posted by panpravda (Post 201998)
I've rarely come across even a hint of good information relating to animal life in general. I am sure that [my dog] has a soul and that he is important, but I've never come across anything that might help me better understand the role of animals in our lives. Can you comment on this please?

My best answer is to approach the question in reverse. The human body (just the body) is an animal, like your dog, or any other mammal. It's run on a routine functional level by a spiritually intelligent organization of tiny non-physical entities that were created by ourselves for the job.

I know a spiritual teacher who calls them "sparkles of consciousness". These "sparkles" get together in a large super-organized group and interface with the cells and the DNA that comprise the biophysical body.

The animation is the result of complex biochemical processes - together with the life force supplied by this non-physical organization. (Those of you familiar with Rupert Sheldrake's morphic fields will see a connection here, also.)

The difference between you or me - and your dog - is that in you and me there's ALSO a bigger being there, which is traditionally called "your spirit" or "your soul".

That's a misnomer, because of course this is actually you. You're the "driver" of your own Avatar - for those of you who've seen the movie.

Our bodies are our Avatars. The whole movie is a spiritual analog. I was surprised that not that many people have commented on that.

Your dog is still animated with its own life force... but there's no "big" spiritual being in it. That's the difference. A "big" spiritual being COULD inhabit your dog (i.e. "drive" it as an Avatar)... but it'd not be much fun because a dog isn't very intelligent.

A dog's "processor" (its brain) is small and slow in the areas which are important to "big" beings: you might find you can run fast after rabbits and have a great sense of smell, but you'd not be able to communicate anything very well, or figure much out. So "driving" a dog as an Avatar isn't really very useful.

I hope that made some sense. I might do an interview about this stuff sometime - a sort of Freedom Central part 2.

But the other aspect of the answer is that animals in our world are an integral part of the biosphere that's a fantastic richness like few understand or have ever witnessed, unless they're explorers, professional biologists or marine photographers.

Look at a Duckbill Platypus and you can see that this really looks like someone's science experiment. Many Earth species may be science experiments - seriously. I see multiple signs of intelligent design... but not by a Creator God (which in my opinion - and absolutely no disrespect is intended to anyone here - is sometimes an equivalent response to "I don't understand this at all, therefore I'm going to assign God as the answer.")

I suspect that evolution and the diversity of species is a mixture of Darwinian evolution (not much), Lamarckian evolution (i.e. species evolve through their own intention), cosmically-triggered jumps in DNA complexity and function (as David Wilcock describes), and simple (or not-so-simple) manipulation or creation of lifeforms by ETs for whatever purpose we can only imagine... maybe just creating beautiful diversity for the aesthetic and wonderful heck of it.

If I had that ability, I'd create lifeforms for fun, too... rather like the CGI designers working with James Cameron on AVATAR. But for real.

I bet you didn't think your question would get this kind of answer... :)

More tomorrow - Cheers to all, Bill

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