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Pegasus_22 09-09-2008 05:10 AM

Details on project Blue Beam..
I thought the readers of Camelot would appreciate this interesting elaboration on some fine details of the project Blue Beam. What else are these guys gonna come up with?


conniec818 09-09-2008 05:35 AM

Re: Details on project Blue Beam..
greetings to all...
just a thought,with all the hype of the oct 14th "intervention thats supposed to be happening,one has to wonder if its project bluebeam.....dont get me wrong,i know for a fact other life forms exist..and that there is an unseen world around all of us that most do not or can not see...but one has to wonder whos really doing what...

Pegasus_22 09-09-2008 06:04 AM

Re: Details on project Blue Beam..
Exactly what I've been thinking too. However, this article has some important details that you should explore. Project Blue Beam is not just about a faked alien invasion..that seems to be just one of the many tools used to enforce a global scale NWO and a new religion. Involving mind control technologies and a multitude of bizarre events..Good to know if this stuff really does go down.

Operator 10-13-2008 01:36 PM

Re: Details on project Blue Beam..

I wonder if someone read this thread ... !

Thanks for posting, I think the detailed info is very accurate indeed !
The relevance to October 14th however takes the focus away from what is even more important.


it will begin with some kind of worldwide economic disaster
Look up the above phrase and conclude for yourself ... this document is probably very accurate !
I think there should be more debate about this document and how to expose it worldwide ...

I was also wondering ... did anybody hear any news about what the world leaders discussed and concluded this weekend ?
I was expecting big news .... however it seems very silent instead.


P.S. here's the link again: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/proje...m25jul05.shtml for convenience

Jenny 10-13-2008 01:59 PM

Re: Details on project Blue Beam..
I can't get an English link to this news as it is Dutch news.

Secretary of Finance Bos from the Netherlands critisized the US on how they participated in the IMF meeting this weekend.

He said they were mostly absent and did not contribute a whole lot.

The IMF has a great opportunity to take the lead on global finance now, he said.

Operator 10-13-2008 02:24 PM

Re: Details on project Blue Beam..

Originally Posted by Jenny (Post 49257)
The IMF has a great opportunity to take the lead on global finance now, he said.

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the info ....

Well it figures IMF eh ?

Are journalists and ministers stupid or something ?
Sure IMF would want to impose their GLOBAL solution to the problem !
Problem - reaction - solution. It seems Wouter Bos (dutch finance minister) did not learn much about this principle yet.

I stopped watching television but when visiting other people this week I saw a program called "Pauw en Witteman".
They were discussing about how safe ABN-AMRO is now. It can't fall down since it is now 'owned' by the state.
Then Witteman says: "Well why don't we sell all banks to the state then ?"

He must be out of his mind ! Worldwide all banks are nationalized in rapid pace .... What is he thinking this is leading to ?

So much for a journalist.:mfr_omg:

Sorry for the language folks. But sometimes I get angry, I now know for sure it's not these guys who are going to disclose this.

My big question is: "How do we disclose this on a global scale ?"
The signs of failing global economy are very real and "touchable". This must be a concrete starting point.


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