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Jacqui D 11-03-2008 03:07 PM

How do you feel about christmas?
With the christmas season coming on ever forward i would like to know what you feel about it.
Do you believe the story of the infant christ child?

How has your perspective of christianity changed since your awakening?

Will you be celebrating this year, with the financial system at breaking point and the general understanding now shared by most on this site.

Perhaps you never believed in christmas, if so, what are your beliefs?

With the vast amount of information that has been given to you from the Camelot site how has this changed your ideals.

Should we be celebrating in this ritualistic annual event and do you know the true meaning of the christmas tree and the giving of presents?

After all is this not a celebration to the sun god, the father the son the holy spirit.

If you have understood anything on this site then make this year the year of breaking free from the programing, we do not need trees and presents to give happiness, we just to need to give ourselves the truth.
Something that has been eluded since time began.

If we can make any stand against these powers that keep us trapped lets make a stand now and refuse to take part in a sun god ritual.
Are you brave enough to say no!
Perhaps you are afraid of what your family will think!

This year i will not put a christmas tree up or fairy lights and i will tell my family that the giving of presents are not necessary but the giving of peace and love is far more expensive than most can provide.

:wub2: :wub2: :wub2: :wub2: :wub2: :wub2:

ghglenn 11-03-2008 03:16 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Easy Eboneezer, try telling that to my kids!!!:zip:
If you feel you are trapped by the programming, by all means break free.
I am quite clear on what I will be doing on Dec 25th.
WII would like to play.
My reality allows me to exchange gifts with my friends and family, to celebrate the Christ everyday,
and to use an overly-exploited date to gather all of us around the fire before another epic snowboard season.
Don't even suggest that Santa is not coming this year!!!:lightsabre:

JesterTerrestrial 11-03-2008 03:19 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
you don't really want to know.
About the same as I feel about sam hayin day that just passed I suppose :thumb_yello:

LIES are not ok...they will lead you to beleive that its ok to drop bombs in the name of peace.

Kick it with truth. JT :mfr_lol:


Christmas Truth Part 1

Shadowstalker 11-03-2008 03:23 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
I my self loved the holidays as a child and only do it now for my children, other then that, no i do not wholeheartedly support the other implication of the church belief. But I do so love the blinkies and shiny thingies..

gordon 11-03-2008 03:28 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
What does christmas has to do with Jesus? What...next thing the christians would say is that Santa helped mary with the infant christ child?

Jacqui D 11-03-2008 03:31 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
So there are a few then that still think the need of buying gifts etc and the debt that many will get themselves into because they have to follow the sheep so to speak.
This day is no different to any other and when people get it into there head that this is just a money spinner i guess things will never change.
if the members on this site want change then lets start by throwing one of the most ritualistic events out of the window, this would throw a real spanner in the works.

Are you brave enough?????

Shadowstalker 11-03-2008 03:37 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Interesting spin on that, i like it.. But I think it has to do with the excuse of meeting up with family and friends and going spend happy on them, at least it is for me.

ghglenn 11-03-2008 03:52 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Why not take the Holiday back for yourself?
Who cares if the sheeple use it as a day of consumption.
We can use it as another day to celebrate each other, and exchange
cool gifts. There aren't many times where my family gets time off from work/school to have an extended holiday together.
If you want to end Christmas, fine. I will have you contact my family's employers and explain to them that Glenn would like them all to get paid leave at his will. I will P.M. you with all the contact info.

J.K. :lol3:


gordon 11-03-2008 03:58 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
The Question is: What has christmas done for me? Nothing...So I do not care for christmas.

Jacqui D 11-03-2008 04:12 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Okay so i see i have put many a back out but i'm trying to get across a very important question here and i'm not saying that i didn't enjoy christmas in the past, i have kids i have grandchildren but i just get so annoyed when i hear people complaining that they can't afford this toy or that toy for there kids this year.
I know it's hard when your kids family have been indoctrinated into the system i have myself.
i have nothing wrong with the day, everyone getting together with there family giving, but this whole thing is a money spinner surely you can see that.

What about the african kids and the many native children around the world do you think they stop everything for christmas no! they treat it as any other day getting on with life.

khristmaskathy 11-03-2008 05:37 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
I had a very hard childhood emotionally and mentally because of my mother, but holidays, particularly Christmastime, were the best part of my life each year. I started loving Christmas as I was growing up and I still do (look at my avatar!) I think the commercialism has gotten way out of hand and people have lost sight of what is important. To me, Christmas should represent showing love, giving from your heart and of yourself and trying to make things better, but that should happen every day, all the time, not just in a holiday season. I love the music, the lights, the spirit of Christmas and I really do carry it in my heart. I fall short but I try to live it. A good quote from Scrooge (written by Charles Dickens) : " I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. " It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite movie. I always enjoy watching Christmas movies with the themes of family, friends, redemption and making a difference in this world. So...to sum up how I feel about Christmas: I love the spirit of Christmas and try to live my life that way all the year as much as I possibly can.

Jnana 11-03-2008 05:40 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
I think the winter solstice is a great time for a celebration. Thank goodness the days are getting longer again! (Northern-latitude-centric I suppose). We built a gingerbread Stonehenge with the kids one year.

However, I despise Christmas. I hate the music in the stores, I hate the fake jolliness, I hate the commercialism, I hate the spreading of the idea that "things" will make us happy and that we MUST give things to others to show how much we care. I hate that parents feel obligated to lie to their children in order to perpetuate this nonsense (might be a good chance to teach kids about the OTHER things they are being lied to about!)

After saying all that, I do play along to a certain extent, but I grump about it. No tree at my house.

I do like the lights. It's a dark time of year.

Gift idea! A fun "Christmas" book: The Hogfather by Terry Pratchet

mntruthseeker 11-03-2008 05:43 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
I find it hard to even think of Christmas as I once did

I will get a gift for my grandkids but thats it. It really hasn't been the same for me for so very long.

I now know why it never felt right to me as did any religion.

This may be the last year we can as I am sure this will all change with the new world order.

So many changes already

Operator 11-03-2008 05:59 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?

Originally Posted by Jacqui D (Post 69154)
So there are a few then that still think the need of buying gifts etc and the debt that many will get themselves into because they have to follow the sheep so to speak.

Debt ... ?
The greatest gift you can give is DO something for somebody !
We tend to think a gift to be: an instant ready to be bought out of the shop gift

If you spend time on making an effort for somebody you're at least closer to the intentions of Christ's examples.


Delphi 11-03-2008 07:00 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
As a northern hemisphere member of the pagan tendency, the winter solstice tends to matter to me more than Christmas Day - not as worship of the sun god, but as marking and honouring the start of the return of the light. Living in Scotland it's always a relief when the short days end!

I count myself as fortunate in that these days I can spend Christmas Day with the friends I choose to be with rather than making emotionally charged duty visits to family.

In recent years I have given gifts from Oxfam, matching the gift to the individual as carefully as possible, so that the gardener has seeds, the sound engineer has a windup radio, the teacher has a teacher support kit that have all gone to people who really need them. This year i have been so aware of all the places in the world that are short of water while we in southern Scotland have seen far more rain than we wanted or needed, that I might give one joint present to help to provide drinking water to a village somewhere.
I do like to give, and I thoroughly dislike having to at a specified time of year. I try to avoid shops from October onwards and particularly loathe christmasy muzak in supermarkets. Last Christmas Eve the staff in my local supermarket must also have had enough of it too, because they had replaced carols with Dylan.
meanwhile let me be the first to wish everyone a very haopy Christmas!!!

MusicLover 11-03-2008 07:17 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
My family is a bunch of negative entities.For that reason I choose to be alone every year.Not to say I don't do anything....I just don't do anything with other people.
My ritual has been xmas eve I do halucinagenic mushrooms and the next day I go out for the most expensive meal I can buy with a bottle of wine.
I try to enjoy the little things and ignore everyone else and their beliefs.
Christmas has always sucked so I do what I can to make it good.
(Not trying to condone drugs...just being honest about my xmas)

ghglenn 11-03-2008 08:04 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Many of you are quite negative...I guess I am blessed in my life.
My father passed when I was 12 y.o., went to hospital on Christmas Eve, and died 30 days later.
My mother passed on Christmas Day when I was 18. I am 36 now... I still love Holidays, Life, etc.
You guys can come over to my house on Christmas and re-capture some joy. :welcomeani:
Stop looking for the negative.
Sounds like your inner-child is dying...LIVE people.

dutchie 11-04-2008 10:09 AM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
PEACE.............It's a way of life not a season.When I moved to Europe things changed for me. I was caught up in the dutch and the american santa and it was driving me nuts not to mention costing me loads of $$$$! Then one year there were no lists to be had from the kids because they had no idea what they wanted,so I took to just picking up stuff just to make sure no stocking was left unstuffed and enough presents under the tree to make everyone happy. That was how my mom and dad did it and that was how I was going to do it. Not anymore............they will get a little something from the dutch santa and a stocking for xmas but they know it's from mom and dad with love not santa whom they thought had endless pockets!
Of course we thought by telling them that there was no santa they would be blown away,crushed, out of there minds;nope not the case,it was like wow can I tell everyone? We have asked to keep the secret to themselves and when the time is right there mommies and daddies will tell them. So now we sit back enjoy the PEACE and make cookies.:gathering:

crazycharlie 11-04-2008 10:16 AM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
I recently met a family with three kids. and I asked them
did they have fun for trick or treat nite here in Colorado.
The mother said we are Christians and do not do Halloween
to which I replied I do not do XMAS so were even...

franciejones 11-04-2008 02:06 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
I don't "do"' Christmas...but I do however have a get together with my family members. It is very lovely. We do not go out and spend a bunch of money on gifts though, its been a gradual change in my family over the years and it seems to have worked out wonderfully. I do however wish others Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Its a time when strangers seem much more open to friendly gestures...I love that part of it.

martina 11-04-2008 02:37 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Cristmas has always been a very nice time for me, to go to the churh, was not so nice, but the cristmas-tree with all the little litghts, the stable, the candles. When I was alone with the chrismas-tree, I used to speak with her, I felt a pressence, I felt very uplifted. Sometimes when there was snow and dark outside, I went there and just stood there, feeling being loved. Snow, trees, candles, stars, the birds, I had my own world.
It was after decades that I found the magic back, the love we give and receive. I belief there was a great person born in Betlehem, maybe not in december, but that does not matter, its about his message of oneness, love, truth, transition and transformation.
In Holland we have now also a kind of christmas-man, but nothing resonates in me.
So for me its the evergreen, which presents eternal life, the lights are the truth, that we are one, the stars, that the whole univers is one. I meditate and have guest and familie, to share these feelings with, which I do not only when it is christmas.

Average Joe 11-04-2008 02:59 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Well I don't believe in God or Christ anyway, so Christmas means nothing to me other than a time to buy the kids some gifts, spend time with the family and over eat.

Its a magical time for the kids, getting all excited about Santa (who like God or Christ does not exist) coming down the chimney.

KassandraLoves 11-04-2008 09:52 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Who cares what its "supposed" to mean. If we dont take the things we can actually use, and leave the rest of the B.S. behind, then we will be just sheeple. Never asking questions, never coming to their own conclusions and taking things not what they are for, but what they are for in YOUR mind.

I dont celebrate christmas because of Jesus, i celebrate it because it gives me a reason to be with those I love, and to make them smile, and to spread my wealth and love with everyone. Theres a MILLION reason that you can chose from to use "the holidays" for, so why reject it just because of the few reasons it isnt good?

I for one, will be celebrating love with my family and having a WONDERFUL evening with them and with my friends, because really? Holidays in general dont mean a dang thing anyway if you have no one to smile with.

Take the time to connect with someone on days like christmas and you will see the TRUE meaning of these types of days. True, we should do this all the time, but the society we live in leaves little room for that. TAKE IT FOR THE GOOD REASONS and NOT THE BAD. The positive things faaaaaaaaaar outweigh the negative if you are viewing these things in the correct light. Why shun a reason to be happy? Dont we need that in the world more than ever?? a reason to be happy????

Suriel 11-04-2008 10:17 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
I love Christmas. Always will. I love the celebration of family and friends.
I love my kids and I want them to enjoy the magic of Christmas.
If celebrated correctly, it can be very enjoyable.

Although my perspective has changed over the years,
I believe that Christmas can be full of love and joy.


samncheese 11-04-2008 10:33 PM

Re: How do you feel about christmas?
Jesus taught the law of one, look past the silly stuff other people put into the bible and just look at the theings Jesus said. Look at the be-attitudes, what a wonderful veiw of who will accend. The meek and the humble, the peace keepers and the poor, for these are rich in spirit. Celabrate the love and peace that he offered to all sinners and holy men alike. He didn't care if you were a prostitute or a tax collector, he saw all as they truly are.

This holyday is meaningless unless we take the opportunity to use it to show what was right about him. His message has been twisted by churches but the core of what he was is still there if you look carefully.

Let's give gifts of the heart, let's sing songs of peace and love. Let's remind the world that every soul is priceless. Let's teach every child that the idea of brotherly love and universal peace is a good thing and worth celibrating.

Take every chance to awaken the world....

Be at peace

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