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Flying Pyramid 12-01-2008 09:56 PM

Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Hello family,
by now a lot of you have questions about who and/or what i am.
I was not going to tell anyone or even make mention of it, but recent events have left me empty handed on what i thought i knew about myself and where i came from.


I recently decided to look myself up in all ares, geneology, past lives, every doctor/dentist visit, repressed memories, etc.
However when i looked myself up in the geneology records myself, my father and my mother do not exist.
I have checked the mormon records, US records and even native american records as i am 1/3 cherokee.
In all cases i found "gaps" in the records when i was born.
It's strange, it's not just my record but anyone born during that time has been removed.
I e-mailed these various geneology record holders about this gap and the ones that replied they said they don't know why it's there and have no idea how it could have been removed from their records.
There are also no doctor or dental records either.
Even though i split my head open when i was a child, there are no records.
Also, not that this means anything, but i was the only boy born at that hospital all day. There was a total of 144 girls and one boy, me.

So i started researching my father and what i remeber my mother telling me. (my father split on me and my mother before i was born)
Apparently he was a master mason. He also refused to be married in a church. Now it is very hard to get this kind of info from my mom as we do not have a good relationship due to my upbringing.
I know there is alot more she is not telling me.

So after this i read about Montauk long island, not far from where i grew up. ( i was born in south carolina not far from the cherokee nation reservation.) Also apparently i am direct bloodline from the chief.
I moved to new york when i was 5 and lived there until the age of 29/30 and then moved to san francisco staying off the radar.
So after researching the Montauk project, i started getting flashbacks of being on long island when i was young but my mother says we never went to the city at all ever.

So i started to put these things together and i now remember influencing time when i would get this weird fever that i was prone to when i was young. My joints would swell so large that i would get delerious from the pain and started tripping. I clearly remember watching my mother mixing a cake batter by hand and watching her speed up and slow down. I even said "why are you moving so fast". I also remember watching time go by outside my window when i was bored. I remember speeding uop a rainstorm so it would get overwith so i could go outside and play.
Around this time is when i had that conversation with someone or something and after that everything stoped. I didn't even remember any of this until just recently after meeting the doctor who i now am convinced that he was at montauk. The doctor was a theoretical physicist. It was he who laid the groundwork and awoken me. He swears that i was one of the ones brought back in time to be born here.
After reading Al Beliks testomony about them being able shift your ZTR (zero-time-referance), i now strongly believe that Al Belik was not lieing or making up stories. Granted some of his testomony seems very far fetched but this part i believe is true.

So if this is true, what is the cause? What could they benifit from it?
The more i research myself the questions that come up.
I have not now or ever seen a ufo, had contact with any beings other than human, i do not meditate (because i cant), and i do not talk to my higher self even though i think that is whats guideing me.
So who the hell am i?
All i know is that i'm supposed to make sure that mankind posses the knowledge that has been hidden from them since the dawn of time, yes the dawn of time. This **** goes WAY back into the first addition of time itself. Older than the annunaki, older than RA, older than any living being, planet, galaxy or universe.

So when i think and ponder on this all i get is the same type of answer "your too intense, you can not be awakened until it's time."
So what the hell does that mean?
And why do i know all of what i know. The doctor didnt download this info in my brain like i stated before, he just removed one of the barriers around my subconcious where all of this data is being stored.

Some psycics have refered to me as permethous and christ which right away i assume they are full of it and not pysicic.
But after way too many syncronisities for me to ignore, i decided to entertain this idea and do some research and i an not happy with the results.
I was born on 13 of 75, i was moved from my home at 5, i was "sealed" by whomever at 12, awakend by a future shaman at 18, rewakened at 30, and reawakened again at 33 which is the age i am now.
I will not post the other results because i do not want to entertain this idea any more than i already have. To tell you the truth i really dont give a **** if i am or not, the only thing that matters to me is the ascencion of all mankind and putting a stop to the human coruption.

So why am i posting this?
I feel i have come far enough to a point where i can figure this out with my own resources. I have tried to meditate and all that but there is something in my head, like a guardian that detours me at every turn.
I cant seem to recall my dreams anymore and i consistantly get shocked from everything.
Everything i have thought about or tripped on no matter how far out on the fringe it was is being proven by todays scientists, natualists, pyscics and so on. So i am afraid, very afraid of the other things i see and have been told by the doctor. If these things are true, then the other things i see may also be true and i am encombered with fear.

So i am requesting help from all seerers, pyscics and healers alike.
I dont trust anyone knowing what i know. I at this stage am very vaunrable, and what i am carring around in my head is to big for anyone to get ahold of. As i stated before, it is my burden to bare.
But i have to take a risk sometime, somewhere if i am to continue this journey.
So i am humbly asking for help from anyone who has the knowledge and power to asist me in putting some of these things to bed so i can move on and focus on the mission ahead.
I have removed my spiritual barrier and aloow anyone to view as they wish. But remember, i am what i am and nothing more.
Since others will not answer me, maybe they will answer you.
Please ask your giudes and higher selves about me.
Help me with whatever you can if you can.

Something inside my soul is growing at an alarming rate and i want to know it's intention. Straight to the point: i feel like a prisoner in my own body/mind. Just moving through the motions of a predetermined game of life. It seems for me there is no free will, only the will of those pulling on the strings.
No, it was not me that released this free dc energy, i know i am being manipulated into doing this and other things. And when i have done what i am to do, i will become useless to the ones controlling me and i, like so many others, will be laid to waste.
I want control back. I want to know whom is responcable for doing this to me. Who am i really? Why are these things being done to us? Why am i allowed to know what i know, see what is comeing, and can not do a damn thing about it. Why are they useing my powers against mankind?
How can i get them back, or at least keep them from useing them?

Questions, questions and more questions is all i get faced with.
Like a maze of questions to keep me off track and unfocused.
I get that but am i to not ever know who i am?
Am i that intece? Why do the PTB fear me so much?

Please help if you can. Any info will help me decifer this exsistance.
Thank you,
Flying Pyramid
Son Of Man
Richard Scott Brooks

ayadew 12-01-2008 10:38 PM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
I had a friend, a very interesting individual, who I can associate with some of the things you say. Especially the mysterious birth with no information and the intense feelings of being out of sync with the world, in some way. I just thought of her instantly when I read this, just a feeling I get.
Sadly she was hit by a train and died, so you can't contact her..

This was unlikely of help, but the only thing I could think of, since I do want to help you.

Flying Pyramid 12-01-2008 10:51 PM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Thank you
Yes it helps.
It's sad she was killed but does not surprise me.
This is what i fear. That my usefullness will run out before i reveal all the secrets in my head.

sunflower 12-01-2008 11:15 PM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Hi Flying Pyramid, it takes guts to reveal one's inner most feelings on a public forum. I am not psychic etc so I can't help you that way. I feel however that the fact that you posted here and gave us so much info is what you were supposed to do and don't belittle the importance of it. You have so much more to share with us and you need to feel comfortable with yourself enough to do it. Your background experience sounds familiar to any one who has heard of Montauk or whatever. The more you make public the safer you might be and the more help you might get. God bless you and if I knew what I could do to help you I would but I don't. You come across as a really decent human being!

Flying Pyramid 12-02-2008 12:09 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Thank you.
It makes me feel much better.
I feel if i dont pursue this feeling to some end then it will be the end of me. I have to know ya know? ....I can't let it go.

information 12-02-2008 12:31 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
I love you. May you be well, and happy. Seeking a kind word?
Have you got 7 hrs? You probably have already heard it, but it would
help to hear it again, even:


it's a phone conversation with Duncan O'Finioan and "Daniel", his associate. They are people you could relate to. All that Dan says about existing only in the moment, being a loving and lovable person as the best countermeasures against unwanted influence, is so important to hear.

Also, seems you are an artist? You can always turn to your art as healing for your spirit. Be well, you!


371 12-02-2008 02:07 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Flying Pyramid,

You are definitely a loon....

Just kidding.


To tell you the truth i really dont give a **** if i am or not, the only thing that matters to me is the ascencion of all mankind and putting a stop to the human coruption.
That statement said a lot to me. Whatever the case it doesn't look like you're gonna let that stuff get to you, true or not. As well, take into consideration that 'someone' might be messing with you on a high level, if you know what I mean to confuse you and discredit your claims. I think you have the right attitude:thumb_yello:.

GregorArturo 12-02-2008 02:17 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Hey Scott,
As I told you earlier, when I questioned my higher self several times about you, I kept getting the response several times over, "He is a good friend." Until finally, I got the response "Redundancy is key." I will specifically ask again in meditation tonight and work on remote viewing, as that can usually give out more, especially when the question is coming from you not me.
If you ever can, you should come to Maine. I think we could get a lot accomplished, not to mention, this is quite the magical place :)

Stabris8 12-02-2008 02:19 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Thank you for sharing of this...it had to have been difficult to post it. Then again, I do hope it gave you some relief (seems so after a few replies). I am sending you confident, happy, strong, vibes so that you may put up the barrier against those that are pulling your strings. In the meantime concentrating on helping you to sort out the rest of the unnerving feelings.

You are not alone...please do post more when you feel that you are able to!

Anchor 12-02-2008 09:25 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help

Originally Posted by Flying Pyramid (Post 89612)
As i stated before, it is my burden to bare.
But i have to take a risk sometime, somewhere if i am to continue this journey.


Yours is a strange tale to be sure. I am however not shocked or surprised. Not much can do that anymore. It is excellent to be asked these questions because I feel like I can take some liberties and say more than I feel I can normally. However, if what I say doesn't ring true, that's ok, I might well be wrong, so just drop it and move along.

I think the first thing you need to know is that you will get through this. That pressure/thing/awareness that you are feeling 'growing' inside is ok. You will contain it and adapt, think spiritual collagen ;)

It is really important to remember that the weight of the world does not rest solely on your shoulders alone. There are millions of us here now.

With meditation there is no "cant do it", just "wont do it". This is a fight between you, various levels of your mind and your ego; and it is one that you need to win at some point. Just keep at it everyday - preferably at the same time each day, even if it is just 5 min's to start with. Sit in silence - there is no right or wrong way. Others may come and give you some ideas of how to do it and thats fine too, but basically as has been said - truth is a pathless land - there are as many ways home as there are individual souls walking there.

Right now, I think it would be extremely valuable for you to seek out some real face to face, in the flesh, contact with other awakening or (preferably) awakened people/person. Just inwardly accept that now is the time, and let someone come to you, synchronistically. Let them take your spiritual hand in theirs and assure you, as I try to with words, but in a more real way: that you are not alone, that all is one, and that we are all protected, loved and cherished more than our human minds can comprehend.

May the light and the love of the one infinite creator bless, protect and guide you on your path.


PS: In Startrek Voyager, Captain Janeway gives good advice on dealing with Temporal Paradox's, and that is don't!

m00g 12-02-2008 04:11 PM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Hi Flying Pyramid :)

Just hang in there, you are doing fine matey and sit at the beginning of a realisation which is such a wonderful period.

I've been through a very unsettled life myself (32 years of it) and its very important to hold onto that thought, and in your case you are sharing something very important...yourself :)

If you were to be removed from this existence you would have been, you have not been removed and won't be.

I have been through three experiences where I believe I have been 'helped' in some manner.

1: (I just related this story today to friend at work and could not answer once again who saved me..still no idea yet so vivid) I was about seven years old and was towed under by an under current and gave up on fighting it, in fact I didn't really resist so much as I couldn't do much about it, I had two girls take me by the hands and bring me up...once I was on the surface they were not anywhere to be seen.

2: Was slashed with a beer bottle to learn a 'lesson' where I apparently died on the bed in hospital through blood loss... My parents were in tears to see me again the next morning to wake up, I didn't even know the extent of my injuries which still plague me now to a very much lesser extent ;)

3: About a year later I was in a high speed car crash on a dirt road lined with tress travelling 100kmh which lost control and rolled over and skidded along the roof with our bands gear in it. Once both of us in the car 'woke up' upside down and asked "are you ok".... "yeah I am fine" and undid ourselves from the belts and made our way out of the car upside down and walked to my house which was a few hundred metres we could not stop laughing the whole way on that short walk. It was truly magical :)

After watching the Code 144 video and all of Gregs amazing work which amazes me. I think your birthdate means something and why you have have something to share. I have always been intrigued by my own birth date 10/2 10.20am.

All my Love,

moogercake ;)

Mark 12-02-2008 05:59 PM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
You are eteernal light energy - a soul - universal oneness with the rest of us sinners. I can see the confusion in your mind with your none knowledge of your life.

We all decided to reincanate at this time in this area of space - this dimension - and we all decided the person we will be and the life we live - also the knowledge we must find to transend this reincarnation - we all need to walk this world and we will find the answers.

uniconr 12-03-2008 02:34 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
the 'thing in your head that detours you at every turn' is totally normal when first learning meditation.

Originally Posted by Anchor (Post 89858)
With meditation there is no "cant do it", just "wont do it". This is a fight between you, various levels of your mind and your ego; and it is one that you need to win at some point.

so definitely continue trying! there are many helpful resources available if you serach for them
i also think your birthdate is important, and the time of birth too if you know that information
as for your 'identity', well thats really up to you isnt it? you are empowerment, not a requisite.

macrostheblack 12-03-2008 11:36 PM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
Thanks for sharing your confusions and concerns Flying Pyramid. I think its important to remember who you really are at all times and not lull into the mystery of why this is happening to you. I myself have had many un- answerable events in my life and many seem wrong and at times negative - almost like a curse is following me etc. Maintain your spirit and keep in contact with like minded people. Keep your chin up mate.

The Montauck stuff I have read some of and find it leaves me with more questions than answers. I personally believe that something did happen there but alot of the material in those books is made up - to fill gaps.

Take care mate


ResidentEx 12-08-2008 04:00 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help
I know this isn't going to help any, but I'd like to share this with you all.

As Gregor can attest to, I get into a 'zone' and I think that I am making contact with something that I feel is larger than myself.

So I had gotten into my zone, earlier today, and was sitting on the front porch swing waiting for a friend to come pick me up. It was pretty chilly out. I saw that the sun was setting, so I told the sun "Hey, Sun! I'm sorry I didn't catch you in time to watch you set. Thank you for a nice day. I'll see you tomorrow." and then I saw two planets shining brightly and I said, "Hey, you two! I see you! Who are you that you seem to shine so much brighter than I ever seem to recall?"

And then I seemed to feel that presence that I sometimes feel as if there was a mind entering my own and it is so much more real than I am. I was, like, "Hey, Mother! I feel You! I feel You and You seem so much more real than what I feel!" I sat and enjoyed the feeling for a moment.

And then this weird thought came across and it seemed to be as if this presence that I have been referring to as 'God' may be a 'Me' from the future. A more spiritually/consciously advanced version of me that is almost like a god, and He/It is checking on me and giving me little pieces of encouragement to give me hope while at the same time not giving me too much info lest it changes His/It's past and, thus, changes His/It's present and do more harm than good. The presence that I feel is basically coming from myself, but from a future point where I have become almost like a god, I think.

Kinda strange, isn't it?



Squeptikal 12-08-2008 05:30 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help

Originally Posted by Flying Pyramid (Post 89612)
Hello family,
by now a lot of you have questions about who and/or what i am.
I was not going to tell anyone or even make mention of it, but recent events have left me empty handed on what i thought i knew about myself and where i came from.

Please help if you can. Any info will help me decifer this exsistance.
Thank you,
Flying Pyramid
Son Of Man
Richard Scott Brooks

Wow, real parallels here! Does everyone go through the " I think I'm part native " thing? Not to mention the feeling of being quite trapped.

What else can I say except: Be empowered!


ResidentEx 12-09-2008 06:41 AM

Re: Flying Pyramid's Request For Help

Mother seems to be trying to tell me something about Isis/IsIs. I'm not really getting much more/I've lost the importance, but look to Isis for clues.

Do you know what She might mean?



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