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Antaletriangle 04-16-2009 09:32 AM

Ministers urged to extend free flu jabs to over 60s

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:02 AM on 16th April 2009

Government advisers claim the current age limit of 65 for free flu jabs is too high
Free flu jabs should be made available to anyone aged 60 and over, Government advisers have recommended.
They claim that the current age limit of 65 is too high, and that vaccinating those between 60 and 64 would help reduce the number of hospital admissions caused by complications associated with the illness.

Minutes taken from the last meeting of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation influenza subgroup, which advises ministers on national policy, read: 'It was thought there is UK data to show a clear rise in hospitalisations in the over-50s and that vaccinating 60 to 64-year-olds was definitely worth considering.'

The group added that at least one study concluded vaccinating those aged 50 to 64 could be 'cost-effective' by reducing the rate of hospital admissions caused by flu.

However, the benefits of having regular flu jabs have already been called into question by U.S. researchers, who argue there is no firm evidence the vaccine prevents deaths in the elderly.

A study by the Health Protection Agency has also suggested that the jabs do not reduce hospital admissions from respiratory infections.

As well as the over-65s, anyone with serious heart and chest complaints such as asthma, kidney or liver disease, diabetes and lowered immunity are eligible to receive the flu vaccine free on the Health Service.

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Dr George Kassianos, spokesman on immunisation for the Royal College of GPs, told Pulse magazine, which published details of the meeting: 'For the past six years, I have been calling for the eligible age for NHS annual flu vaccination to be brought down to 50 years to ensure a much greater coverage of patients with chronic disease.'

Every year, more than 15million people in England receive the jab, with figures showing 73.5 per cent of over-65s were vaccinated last year.

Vaccine uptake for at-risk groups aged under 65 showed an increase from 42.1 per cent coverage in 2006 to
45.3 per cent in 2007/08.

The Department of Health said: 'Currently people aged 65 or over and those aged over six months with certain clinical conditions qualify for a free flu jab.

'The Chief Medical Officer's guidance for flu preparations next winter has not made any changes to these risk groups.'

avyaktam 04-16-2009 11:09 AM

Re: Ministers urged to extend free flu jabs to over 60s
Can't wait for my turn.:lightsabre:

Seth Haniel 04-16-2009 11:33 AM

Re: Ministers urged to extend free flu jabs to over 60s
gave them up this winter - after having bad reactions to them the last four years - too much mercury in them for my liking

Northern Boy 04-16-2009 03:13 PM

Re: Ministers urged to extend free flu jabs to over 60s
I went to my doctor 15 yrs ago for a flu shot and he told me right out to stay away from them as they weaken our immune system Haven`t had one since he told me that. Stay away from all vaccines this HPV vaccine I don`t remember having the girls get it when I went to school and at my son`s school they want to vaccinate all grade 7`s for Hep B this month and all Grade 8`s for HPV. When I went to school I used to slip into the bath room when our class had to go for their shots , look at me still breathing after all that .

Jacqui D 04-16-2009 03:24 PM

Re: Ministers urged to extend free flu jabs to over 60s
Oh no no no!!!!!
Just that really we are being subjected to too many substances in our bodies via air pollution, food additives etc; we must be a pretty strong race if we can take all this. But why all this innoculation? Are they fearful that our immune system will become so strong and withstand anything because it is true all these injections will just wipe out our own resistance against these things.
My friend has her jab each year and each year she comes down with awful symptoms, she says well if i don't get it done i may be worse!
I tell her not to get it done perhaps she will not get anything at all!
Worth a try!

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