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crazycharlie 11-19-2008 10:36 PM

Really... If Obama really brings CHANGE
or even tries.....
Whoever steps forward to take on that pit of vipers known as the Fed is on a suicide mission.

Obama could go the route of that carpenter from Nazareth that kicked the moneychangers out of the Temple and was killed for his efforts.

Or he could take the route of President Andy Jackson, who closed down the 2nd National Bank of the US and got shot for his efforts, but not killed.

Or President Lincoln, who was opposed to an Independent US Treasury, but refused to pay usurious rates to finance the Civil War, so he printed US greenbacks.

Murdered by an assassin's bullet.

Or President Kennedy, who printed US government currency, around 4 billion dollars worth, money which LBJ took out of circulation after Johnson took over after JFK was murdered by an assassin.

You can either take an axe to cut out the cancer infecting America or go about that job with the deft hands of a surgeon using a scalpel. Either way, whoever takes on the task is going to have a bulls eye on their back.

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There is an excellent 12 part series on JFK and the PTB at

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