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Church 03-09-2010 04:41 AM

The Love Police
I know they've been mentioned before. They aren't new. But ever since someone mentioned them in another thread recently, my girlfriend and I have been doing nothing but watching their videos, and talking about how much we love these guys... so I figured maybe I could pass the message along.

It's mostly just 2 guys, Charlie and Danny, from what I can tell, but they frequently have other people with them. They receive no money to do what they do, other than donations. They make no money off of their videos, and they don't sell merchandise or anything either, it seems. I love these guys and what they are doing! I wish them all the love in the world and am thankful that people are out there doing this!

The most important parts of their videos, to me, are seeing all the crowds that they actually get cheering them on and voicing their support. It shows that people really are waking up!


Watch these videos and if you feel inspired, go out and do similar things in your own community. This is civil disobedience at its finest, and the message is love.

Mercuriel 03-09-2010 05:00 AM

Re: The Love Police
Is this Them ?



Sorry - Couldn't resist...

raulduke 03-09-2010 07:06 AM

Re: The Love Police
Cool videos Church, thx for passing along. I'd never heard of em. It was indeed a bit heartening to see people on the street stopping to take in interest in the plight of a stranger (albeit with a megaphone :lol3:).

What's the deal with the PCSOs, are they like junior cops? Some easily obtained postion of minor authority, ripe for abuse? Hope this isn't the kinda thing that Obama wants his civilian task force deal to be doing, that would suck.

Civil disobedience is the ideal method to combat the theft of rights imo. It's like Michael Tsarion says, you have all the power but you give it away. The only reason they can get away with stealing our rights, is because we are so fragmented, there's so little sense of community that it's almost like if it's not directly affecting us right now, we don't care. Man, the amount of problems that could be solved if we all were just to realise that we are one is mind boggling. :wall:

I remember seeing that cilp in one of those videos awhile ago, the girl that stands in front of the Israeli soldier trying to take pot shots down range at Palestinian kids throwing rocks. Don't have anything profound to say there, just wanted to mention what a brave awesome chic she is.:wub2:

Church 03-09-2010 01:50 PM

Re: The Love Police
Don't quote me on this, but I think the PCSO are to the U.K. what "Community Resource Officers" are here. I don't know if you have CRO's where you are, but they are common around here. They are supposedly there to do all the "light" things for real cops. My only experience with one was when I called the police to report my car stolen a few years ago, and some civilian showed up at my house to take the report. It was sad.

At any rate, here's an article about the Love Police, from prisonplanet. It was linked from their Facebook page. It's pretty interesting, and explains a bit about what they do.



In May 2009, data released to the BBC revealed that the Metropolitan Police in London used section 44 of the Terrorism Act more than 170,000 times in 2008 to stop people in the capital. That figure equated to stopping and searching a member of the public every three minutes under terrorism laws.

The figures represented a more than 140% increase on 2007 numbers.

Of all the stops in 2008, only 65 led to arrests for terror offences, a success rate of just 0.035%. Furthermore, when you take into account how many of those arrests have translated into convictions, according to the Home Office, you come up with a round figure of 0.0%.

A separate Freedom of Information Act request in 2009 also revealed that the use of the stop and search power has increased exponentially by over ten times in less than ten years.

Furthermore, Ministry of Justice statistics, published in mid 2008, revealed that from 2006-2007 police used their powers to stop (but not search) nearly two million members of the public and demand they account for their behavior or actions, a rise of one third from the previous year.

This meant that in just one year around 3.5% of the entire British population was stopped in the street by the police under suspicion of terror related offences.

hippihillbobbi 03-10-2010 05:38 PM

Re: The Love Police

That bit about Big Brother in London is pretty scary! those statistics SCREAM Something's Wrong--This Ain't Right!!! Thanks for sharing this info w/us here. i really don't think that many Americans are aware of this, DO YA'LL?!? at least, not down here in the "Bible-Belt" of the South! LOL!! Be interesting to compare these numbers with similar stats from the States, since the Patriot Act. Have you any idea how they might compare, Church? cause typically i think of Europe as being "more enlightened" than the States ..... not "more backward." :nono: (no offense my fellow-Americans! and guess maybe i ALSO need to say the same to my European sisters & brothers!!) :mfr_lol:


Your picture was HYSTERICAL!! :naughty:
Thanks so much for sharing. ("Sharing is Caring.")

love to you all.

Church 03-10-2010 07:09 PM

Re: The Love Police
I actually don't know how they would compare, at least at the moment. But it just so happens that my girlfriend is a paralegal at a rather large, respectable law firm in town. She will be conferring with her lawyer bosses as the next few weeks go by, because we've been thinking about trying to get our own "Love Police" type thing going on here! I've already begun searching craigslist for a megaphone!

So, yeah, my girlfriend will be researching this, talking to lawyers and her professors, trying to find information specifically related to how the patriot act affects our first amendment rights, and also our right to peaceably assemble. The only thing of interest that I have found out through her research, so far, is that the patriot act is actually an acronym: the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act. I didn't know that before! Know what it stands for? It says so in the act itself:

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism

:naughty: What a joke!

Anyway, I agree with you, that I've always thought of our European brethren and sistren as being more "enlightened" than us, for lack of a better word. But that doesn't mean that the powers that be have to reflect that through the laws and government over there. Yeah, I was shocked to find out that the U.K. authorities are way more manic about "terrorism" than over here. But at the same time, I don't know what will happen when I try staging some of these "free speech expressions" here in Florida. I only know that it's time for people to go stand in public places and start demonstrating to the masses that we DO have free speech, and we CAN use megaphones, and NO, the police CANNOT ask you to shut up or go elsewhere.

So yeah, I'm fired up ever since finding out about these guys!

Church 03-10-2010 08:36 PM

Re: The Love Police
Well. This is interesting. Basically, about 4 hours ago Charlie released a new video update, stating that Danny has resigned his post with the Love Police, and has asked for Charlie to remove all videos that contain footage of him, to which Charlie complied. He states that there is no tension between them, and that Danny simply has personal reasons for moving on.

Why do I seem to cause massive change to occur whenever I focus my attention on something? This seems to happen to me a lot lately. Right after I decided to start actively posting here on Avalon, Bill and Kerry split apart. Now I've been talking about the Love Police incessantly for the past 3 days, and Danny and Charlie have split up. I should be used to this by now, bringing Change with a capital C with me, everywhere I go... but for some reason it still shakes me up. Anyway, if it's my fault that the Love Police are undergoing drastic changes right now, then I apologize to whomever I've affected. :naughty:

I truly hope that some of you were able to watch these videos before the removal. I know that a good majority of them co-starred Danny, so cveitch's Youtube page is relatively empty now.

Charlie, I still wish you the best of luck, and I know you can do this without Danny. He will be missed, but this thing is so much bigger than you or him, so it must continue...

hippihillbobbi 03-12-2010 01:29 PM

Re: The Love Police

I agree ..... this synchronicity is WILD! what are the odds?!? but i really think you shouldn't blame yourself too strongly for being the catalyst for these "splits" you're seeing ..... and even if you are responsible ...... that probably just means it was TIME for a change, right?! :sweatdrop:

Good luck with your protests, Church ...... we need more dedicated awake and aware people like you out there "spreading the good news." well ..... i guess you're actually sharing the bad news 1st and then the good news...the hope for regaining the full civil rights and comprehensive protections afforded us as private citizens by the Constitution and Bill of Rights anyway ..... thanks on behalf of those of us who aren't out-on-the-street spreading the good news. (though i have been calling approximately 45 or so people each day the last several days, to get support for the health care reform bill ..... or ..... what's left of it, that is! :mfr_omg:


Malynda 03-19-2010 04:42 AM

Re: The Love Police
I remember seeing a good bye video from Danny sometime in February and there was talk of him moving on before the video. It seems the split was all good up until the last few days. Something is odd and I feel for the two of them. They did brilliant work and I will continue to support Charlie.

ivankruss 03-24-2010 11:29 PM

Re: The Love Police

Originally Posted by Church (Post 253732)

I truly hope that some of you were able to watch these videos before the removal. I know that a good majority of them co-starred Danny, so cveitch's Youtube page is relatively empty now.

Haha, I was just about to post a link to charlie's channel. I am happy to see You guys already knew about them.
However, some update on the empty youtube page.... Although, You are right about the split and that the videos with Danny (Evertything is Ok) were put down, I am even happier to report that the videos are online again. After a heart moving video message from Charlie (basically saying, that the videos belong to the people) to Danny, Charlie uploaded them again with an encouragement to all the users to download them before they get pulled off because of copyright infringement, and to upload them again under different names. And that's what I did. However, I didn't upload them, yet- the originals are still all online, but I have them on my hard drive.
Anyway...- click here for Everything is OK 1
You can scroll down/up under uploads to watch them all ...

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