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gordon 10-10-2008 04:22 PM

G'day! Can A Psychic Please Help Me.
G'day! My name is Gordon. And my sitoration is I really do have 'life problems'. I would like to ask a Psychic-s that would read my thead..that could try at their best to beable to help me ..or.. maybe help me to better understand my life.

I sortof know basicly about my life, but the 'details' of my life is hard for me to understand in the way of understanding. A part of the problem-s I have is..I have already posted a nother Thread with a event-s that did happen to me.

If any Psychic feels like that they would want to PM me, then I can hopefuly better answer the reply.

Thank You For Reading.

everready 10-10-2008 07:16 PM

Re: G'day! Can A Psychic Please Help Me.
Hello there - I would be happy to help you. However, starting tomorrow, I will be offline for a whole week, staying at a location without internet. If you can just hold on one more week, you can have my full attention and I will try to help you. Count on it! Gordon please send me a private message explaining your situation a little bit, we will talk again in a week or so. I am here to help ..

friendly greetings from Everready in Holland

ps: I'll be back online shortly after 18 oktober. I hope to hear form you.

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