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swordsmith 03-16-2010 08:47 AM

OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
and probably where you are also.
I've said it before, the only thing that bothers me more than the chemtrails are the deniers, and I think even the blind might have to admit there is something up out there. It looks like a battlefield in the sky today. The elf noise I hear has been on so loud all week it feels like I am a stowaway in a ship's hull near the engine. yeah, that probably sounds better than it actually is.

I am near certain this is now all about sun " anomolies".
this is what we need to be talking about.

I am very glad the other issues came to a head but it sure is a distraction. As long as I still see any value ( even minimal) in having a voice here I think we need to move on, we all know what happened , we pretty much know who we like and who to avoid, but jeepers there is a war on out there.
Plus, I will say the elf stuff that hardly anyone realizes we are being COOKED by is making people grumpy, to say the least. I don't mind grumpy, but grumpy and useless is just a waste. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

swordsmith 03-16-2010 09:01 AM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
have a look .
I dont know how to embed, but it always struck me as a bit strange no one ever comments on a non embedded link, it's just a click away ,fgs.
Ok , synopsis, it's two geezers talking about the above subject, chemtrails and the urgency of solar storms heading your way.

Harper 03-16-2010 09:03 AM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
Hi Swordsmith,
with the very low level of divination (wish there was another word) I enjoy with words, I find that when things are rubbish, as in are just fabricated to make us fear and run, the anagrams are rubbish, or even have jokes in them. However chemtrails comes up with a lot (rich metals, hitlers scam, it calms her- not sure the world- harm and elms too) are all your Elms still dying in Britan?

There was a lot last year over Paris but blue days now, I could never get it either as you are not supposed to fly over the city. You know we have to also be open to the fact that they are somehow in place to keep us safe from something -- doubt it but to say they are simply not there is madness.

take care

swordsmith 03-16-2010 09:10 AM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
That's interesting, did not know there was a 'no flights over Paris' statute, amazing.
It's funny, one of my name anagrams is "This haze belt". :original:
I have a hard time with chemtrails being for our own good, that sort of thing should never be done in secret, though of course now this is what will be said.
you take care too and will still post from time to time if it feels at all useful. Interesting times for damn sure.

Truthseeker512 03-16-2010 11:35 AM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
Im gettin so annoyed with them I spent a couple hrs taking photos of the chemcloud banks forming from the trails. My aim is to take them to my Local MP. Gotta start somewhere.

twoRone 03-16-2010 12:13 PM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
northeast US is just starting the sky assault as I post this.. I'm taking pictures as the day goes on and I'll post them here.. record warm weather expected the next four days... the sun does feel unusually warm for this early in the morning.. and this time of year..

something is up... that, we can be certain of

be well

pyrangello 03-16-2010 12:17 PM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
Last 3 Days here in northern michigan it's definately stepped up alot, lots of checkerboard patterns in the sky. More than normal .

swordsmith 03-16-2010 12:57 PM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
and the saddest thing is, you say "more than normal " pyrangello. oh dear, how long can this go on? I know how bad Mchigan is my friend. hold fast.

Sabrina 03-16-2010 01:36 PM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
Chemtrails seem to be on overdrive here in West Kent today. Much more than usual I think. Think there is a bit of help 'up there' cleaning them up. Spurred me on to post as was so mad about it!

Truthseeker512 03-16-2010 01:39 PM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
whats everyones feeling on these chemtrails? manmade or UFOs?

pyrangello 03-16-2010 01:56 PM

Re: OUTRAGEOUS chemtrails over east Sussex
Swordsmith , yea I'm being conditioned, but don't worry everytime I see them launching that shxx in the sky they get a bird from me back . What definately seems different now though is the stuff they are spraying from high up is falling to the ground faster than ever now, not like before where it just lingered up there.

Tseeker- Manmade lots of man made stuff. This may be a wild hunch but I thought I read a long time ago that the ET's or future humans sprayed gold dust in the atmosphere to shield us from the rays of the sun and now that stuff is running it's course so here is the next best thing-aluminum. I'd belive that, but if that was the case why not shoot that stuff in the upper atmosphere where it wouldn't fall to the ground and would just stay up there circling the earth.

That being said this stuff there spraying must be for our being here and I don't think it's for global warming either. 2 years ago when that one guy had the chemtrail doppler radar site up you could look at continents and where this stuff was in the sky on a daily basis. I remember watching australia for a few days and the only place where the chemtrails existed on that site for days was right over the lower portion of australia, right where all the people live! , NOT the entire continent . That confirmed it for me.

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