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no caste 06-06-2009 09:01 AM

Ex-Bush Confidant Represents Sask Oil/Uranium Interests in Washington
It seems wherever there is oil, uranium... these guys won't go away :sad:

I think the he did lobbying for Alberta too. Alberta went commando with the Bush crowd. Even Enron tested its market schemes here, before it hit California. This ex-ambassador surfaces again, on account of Obama's announcement re Canada's new U.S. ambassador, David Jacobson.

Saskatchewan taps former U.S. ambassador Wilkins for advice in D.C.

The law firm whose partners include David Wilkins, the former U.S. ambassador to Canada, has been engaged by Saskatchewan to represent the province in Washington, D.C.

The firm Nelson Mullins will be paid $400,000 per year to provide what the province described as "legal analysis and strategic advice on issues that could have an impact on the province's interests," according a provincial government news release issued on Wednesday.

According to the province, the retainer replaces a system whereby different ministries would hire a Washington law firm on a case-by-case basis, as issues arose...

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