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Soul Sequence 09-14-2008 08:37 PM

Windsor/Essex County, Ontario
I've done alot of research and have explored many topics with regards to the multitude of thoughts we see throughout this and many other forums. This would be my first time, though with regret, posting on any. As most of you know, such observations and thoughts expressed to persons in our immediate circle tend to be dismissed, regardless of how strong our beliefs may be and goodwill towards them. So, for the majority of years spent growing in knowledge and also in solitude, I feel its long overdue to seek out others with similiar open minds and hearts and to hopefully network and pool our thoughts and resources together as expressed in this thread. If you are out there and are seeking the same, feel free to post here and/or send a private message if you're reading this and yet not ready to publicly post, as I was there, only a few lines ago.....from my heart to yours, let the combination of our souls connect and let distance, nor time hinder. I send out positive energy to all and that it guides you in your continued journey.
Soul Sequence

Rumas 10-19-2008 05:49 PM

Re: Windsor/Essex County, Ontario
Looks like there is not many Windsorites with open eyes, judging by the lack of responses here.
Because we are so close to the US border, I wonder how this area will be effected? Links to information that may directly effect this area would be great if anyone has any?

Soul Sequence 10-19-2008 06:58 PM

Re: Windsor/Essex County, Ontario
Hey Rumas. I've felt that way for awhile. Was hoping there was a better response in this area, but surprisingly no such luck. Some thoughts on the border and as you probably know, another bridge.

U.S., Canada to build new Detroit-Windsor bridge: Report

WINDSOR The United States and Canada will reportedly build a new bridge between Windsor and Detroit.

Citing unnamed sources, Radio-Canada reports the bridge will be built at a cost of $5 billion alongside the existing Ambassador Bridge.

The French-language network of the CBC says the site for the Canadian side of the bridge has already been picked and an official announcement will be made by mid-July.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reportedly pushing to sign a final deal before U.S. President George W. Bush leaves office early next year.

Also, because of its closeness, expect that if anything happens, in and around Detroit, we'll have a lot of people migrating north.

I've also noticed that up and down Huron Church Rd. from the Ambassador bridge to the 401, there are cameras at each intersection which I failed to notice before. Now of course, the story goes the cameras are for traffic control but you wonder why so many and why at every intersection where there was none before.
cameras are reportedly offline for upgrades

Morpheus 11-18-2008 05:52 AM

Re: Windsor/Essex County, Ontario
I'm in this area. Been a member at similar sites for a long time but am new here. You guys are not alone. I know of several people that are "preparing" but they don't do the online thing very much.

Rumas 11-30-2008 07:06 AM

Re: Windsor/Essex County, Ontario
I think Windsor will be a very dangerous place when all hell breaks lose. I am not sure whether to head north or stay here? If the is to be any nuclear strike in the US, New York will be hit for sure, its not far away. Fallout will be everywhere. Chicago might be hit too. Heading north may not help at all. Will the 401 be open? Will they have military on the streets? Will they stick Toronto too??

I am sure there are more question to be ask and answered as well.

There is also a big salt mine here, it goes on for miles and miles. I have been on a tour, it is big! I wonder if that would provide any protection from the nuclear fallout?

Thought on this would be great!
Glad to hear people are preparing Morpheus.

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