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TheRebel 02-08-2010 09:21 PM

"Water Generation for Sustainable Community Development
Growing water crisis is a global problem and increasingly becoming severe, especially in developing world. There are several manifestations of water crises like inadequate access to safe drinking water, inadequate access to water for sanitation and water disposal, ground water excessive use leading diminished agricultural yields, and overuse and pollution of water resources harming biodiversity and regional conflicts over scarce water resources. According to UNESCO-WWAP 2003 report, around 1.1 billion people live without improved water supply and around 2.4 billion people are still living lacking access to improved sanitation.

I came across some new emerging technologies, which have the potential to change human lives completely. One of those technologies; is water generation from air and I found it carrying enormous potential to solve global problems like water crises.

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. An AWG operates in a manner very similar to that of a refrigerated dehumidifier: air is passed over a cooled coil, causing water to condense. It has following benefits:

It has capacity to produce water from 30 liters a day to 35,000 (some machines produce 70,000) liters a day.

It is mobile and can be carried to any place as per convinience.

It literally produces water from thin air, does not require ground water or sewage water

It is ideal for both drinking purpose and saniation purposes.

It is ideal of communities, which are off the grid as these generators are portable ones and can be established anywhere.

It can be run on electricity or solar panels or biogas plants as well.

So If you are in cave hiding; and carry this type of generator; then you can connect it with your solar panels; and produce water depending on the capacity of the generators.

There is much more to say about, and i think you would find it interesting and i cannot tell everything about it here; however i would give you link so you can have a look on yourself; and should you have any questions/comments about it; please feel free to ask.



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