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Seashore 06-30-2009 03:30 PM

Cap and Trade
I am in the process of piecing together an understanding of what is going on right now with the "Climate Bill" which just passed in the U.S. House and is likely to pass in the Senate.

I am listening to Alan Watt's June 29, 2009 radio talk. He links to this article entitled "Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange--the rest of the story."

It sounds to me that this Chicago Climate Exchange can exactly be compared to the Federal Reserve. It's private. And tax money will fund it.

I'm saying this because cap and trade by my understanding is a system to reduce carbon emissions by companies, but since the taxpayer is now responsible for the obligations of companies, in essence, the Climate Bill, if enacted, is going to create another Federal Reserve type set-up.

How do the rest of you see it?

Barron 07-04-2009 08:09 AM

Re: Cap and Trade
I see it as another way that the Illuminati will tax us to fund their One World Government under the auspices of the United Nations. After the US dollar collapses towards the end of this year, and Russia, China and others get into bed with the World Bank and IMF you can be certain the world will move towards eventually 3 currencies and probably sometime thereafter, just one.

Best book on the subject is by Ian Wishart and is called Air Con.


Seashore 12-01-2009 01:41 AM

Re: Cap and Trade
I am listening to the archive for November 30, 2009 of Dr True Ott interviewing Michael Coffman on "The Story Behind the Story."


Michael S. Coffman Ph.D., is the President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI), author of Saviors of the Earth, and a nationally recognized expert in the fields of climate change, forestry and ecosystem management. He is an authority on international environmental issues, and a frequent speaker at national and international conferences and for the media.


The topic is Cap and Trade. Michael Coffman has mentioned that there is a website that explains all about Cap and Trade and the need to stop it from going into effect:


Maybe this website will be helpful to people...

Seashore 12-08-2009 10:43 AM

Re: Cap and Trade
Here is the blurb associated a YouTube video linked below:

Cap and Trade legislation in the US Senate will destroy the American way of life--forever. It puts the government in charge of our economy. It forces the use of renewable wind and solar energy which have serious problems we are not being told about. Neither are economically feasible with today's technology and will cost trillions of dollars. The same strategy in Spain has resulted in huge job losses and escalating costs to Spanish consumers. Pass this video along and contact your Senators at www.congress.org. Tell them to vote no on the cap and trade legislation or you won't vote for them.

Seashore 12-15-2009 08:49 PM

Re: Cap and Trade

Originally Posted by Seashore (Post 192923)


Maybe this website will be helpful to people...

From the above website:

"The House of Representatives rammed through the mind bending 1500 page American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454) on June 26th, 2009...it is the most expensive, intrusive, job destroying, economically damaging bill ever considered in the history of the US. The US Senate is now considering this dangerous legislation as the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, S 1733. Obama has also announced he will implement even more punitive EPA regulations if the Senate does not pass the cap and trade bill."


The names of the legislation make them sound like a good thing... :sad: :nono:

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